Couch to 5K

I can I will I did I ran 20 minutes

Just start with a little background

I will be 60 in 9 weeks was 6 stone overweight since January lost 32lb and I have never ran for anything in my life. There was always going to be another bus.

I have been attempting C25k since March when I found the whole thing too difficult and could not run for the 3 minutes of week 3. This of course was a huge improvement as in February before I found Laura I tried running for 30 seconds got to 20 and almost collapsed on my treadmill.

I always run on a treadmill and with Laura and advice given on here I realised I was trying to run too fast it had to be my pace. On my third attempt . On my third attempt on the programme I got it and week 5 was here and I was scared. Did the 2 x 8 runs on day 2 not to bad but could not visualise doubling that.

Today dawned and it had been on my mind all night but being queen of procrastination I had breakfast, made sure I had drunk enough went to the loo endless times just in case. Eventually I was ready so with my new distraction tool off I went. I needed something to stop me watching the minutes go by and I have one of those electronic picture frames so looked at holiday photos it was great and helped me.

Anyway down to the run the first 3 minutes were really hard as I kept thinking I have 17 more to go. Laura said I was on 5 and I felt good we got to 10 and I was already amazed as that was then my longest run, but I also realised it was all "downhill" time wise from there. 15 came and I was then getting tired but with only 5 to go I wasn’t stopping.

Laura said two more to go and I felt invincible I could do this 20 minutes and then she was telling me to slow down. What a feeling.

If you are coming up to this run please don’t stress you really can do it just trust Laura and your body. Thanks to everyone on here for your encouragement and I am looking forward to week 6.

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Well done - you are a champion! Thanks for the encouragement to those of us who are way behind.


Good job, Glendam....just goes to show we women of a certain age (I'll be 65 in about 3 months) still have it! I was like you Wednesday...thought, o, my, this isn't going to happen...but it DID! Don't you just love C25K? (and isn't it just a grand feeling to be taking charge of your own life?)


well done. I am going to start week 5 tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement I really need it!


This is really inspirational! Fantastic achievement :)


i really do love this programme but I also think this forum is fantastic there is always someone who is just ahead of you (grammadog for 1) and you know you want to feel like that too tired but ecstatic.


thankyou TJF I dont think I have ever inspired anyone in my life before well not in sporty things anyway. But since getting to week 4 I have encouraged 3 other people to get off the couch too.


Well done. You have spurred me on for W8R2 tomorrow. Finding it tough now. Good luck to you! :)


TJF is so right, you are an inspiration. That is a great achievement. I remember worrying about that run but, as you suggest to others, it really is nothing to panic over, just take your time and follow the plan. Hope you enjoy week 6. :)


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