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W5R2 but I ran for 21 minutes!!!!

I am writing this so I have proof for later as I think I'm dreaming at the moment. I was really naughty and didnt stop when Laura told me to and ran for 21 minutes. I dont know what it was - a new route, the new trainers or what but I felt a bit like Forrest Gump. lol. I set out wanting to run along the canal path rather than round and round the cricket pitch to have a new bit of scenery to look at so set off with new Shock Absorber max support on (amazing!) and new trainers, ditched the coat and started running. I was so nervous in my warm up walk thinking 8 minutes was going to be so much longer but thought well if I can do 5 I can do 8. Then weirdly in the 8 minute run I found a stride, found a comfortable pace and just went for it. I had this weird thought that I could just run forever and then the thought started, "what if I just keep going and do 21 minutes" so I did!!!! I cant even believe that 4 weeks ago I struggled with 1 minute runs. 3 more amazing things happened. At more or less the start of the last 8 min bit, I met another runner who nodded and smiled at me like I was a fellow runner and like I belonged. Amazing. Then we came to an uphill bit (not done uphill before as I have been running flat around the cricket ground) and he stopped and I overtook him!!!! Lastly Laura said I was finished but I felt like I could carry on. I think I could even have done the last 10 minutes home. But I stopped. I realised I could have set myself up for a fall. If I go again on Sunday to do W5R3 and cant do it, today will have been a fluke so I stopped running and walked home with a tear in my eye. I didnt set out to do this but maybe I did it to just get rid of the build up for Run 3. There is no build up now because I have done it! I have to think carefully now about run 3. I do get defeated by mind over matter and if i build it up now as 20 whole mins I might not do it. I might have only done today as I was trying to beat Laura! so I might do the same again and do run 2 but carry on through the 5 minute walk. I just have to keep thinking that I can do because I already have. Well it just goes to show anything is possible. ANYTHING. For any people reading this who have just started, read any blog from anyone's week 1 and you will see. We I think have all pretty much said it was hard and awful but its crazy that in no time at all you will be out there running for decent lengths of time. Keep going and dont stop. I hope this wasnt a fluke and I just really hope I can do this again.......

I have no idea what happened today. Maybe the new trainers are magic :)

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That was no fluke. You have turned into a runner! Yeee haaaaar! :D

So lovely - even if next time those shoulder-monkeys frighten you off (and I doubt they will now) you know you can do it, and you will be back for more.

What a lovely, lovely blog to read to start off my day. :D There's a big smile on my face! Hope you're smiling all day! :)

You overtook another runner! :) On a hill!


I am as giddy as a kipper! I dont even know what happened. I just set out to do 8 then 5 then 8 and has this crazy idea in the first 8 minutes to just carry on so I did. I am basking in the glow of this but I am a bit scared too. Psychologically it might have been possible because there wasnt a big 20 minute target in front of me that I was chasing but because I was just seeing how far I could go. On Sunday if I put a big target in front I might not make it. I just hope I can do it again! At this moment I think I will put the run 2 on again and try to trick my brain:) Thank for your nice comments. At times when the sun was out I could see my shadow and I was running really slowly so hopefully over the coming weeks I can pick that up. Thank goodness for my new trainers. They are magical!!


Well done what a fabulous way to start the bank holiday weekend :) Now where do I get me a pair of these magic trainers?!?!


:) Asics Gel Kinsei. I think it was down to the trainers and not really me! I got them off ebay. Made such a difference from my other trainers as my legs didnt feel tired at all. I think being in half decent trainers can make such a difference.


That's wonderful Joanne. What an achievement, look how far you have come! Congratulations. You'll be graduating before you know it! X


Thank you. Just hope I can repeat this for W5R3 and it wasnt a fluke. Still on a bit of a high:)


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