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Finished W3 R3

I finished W3 R3 yesterday, and found it difficult. I thought I'd be elated to have got to this stage (I've promised myself treats for getting to 3, 6, and 9 weeks), but my main feeling is that I still have so far to on earth am I going to be able to run for 30 minutes straight in only six weeks' time? I've just had a look at what's coming up for week 4 too, and it didn't help...

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dont do that!! take each run as it comes :) when I got to week 4 I tore up my sheet of paper with the runs on & decided that my head couldnt cope with the fear :)

I bet when you started you never thought you could run for 3 minutes, let alone do it more than once in a session. trust laura :) she will get you there.

by the way, what is your treat?



You're right - I never thought I'd be able to do three minutes when I started. And each run as it comes is a very good way of looking at it.

My treat will be some new nail polish colours I've had my eye on for a while. I'm hoping that, when I wear them, each time I look at them it will remind me that I CAN run and achieve this!


It's okay!! Don't stop and don't put it off! I only done my 1st run of week 4 yesterday and I felt exactly the same as you! I was so pleased when I done it as I thought it was a good jump up. I am just concentrating on 1 run at a time and going at my own pace. . . . Keep going . . . We CAN and will make it !!!

Enjoy that treat and good luck for week 4!


It always amazes me how supportive strangers are on this site...many thanks.


I did my first run of Wk4 yesterday and found it to be really ok!!! :-) We've run for 3 mins, its only 2 mins more - it really doesn't feel much more at all! And yes, we've still got a long way to go - that's a good thing - in these coming weeks we'll build up the strength in our bodies and our cardio system to do it - read the graduation posts - the vast majority make it - those that don't are either struck down by injury (rare) or give up (very sad). The thing is that already you'd be capable of running around 10 mins without problems - its just that Laura holds us back to build up the strength we need - it snowballs so very fast from here on in. Running is 80% mental - you'd be amazed what your body can do if you just let it.... stay positive, don't let the fear get you, enjoy that feeling of strength in your legs as you power through the minutes :-) If in doubt do a week 1 run, that'll show you just how far you've come :-)


I may well try a week one run - I think that might be just the motivation I need! I WILL get to the end, because I'll be so disappointed in myself if I give up...thanks for the support.


Go for it!! And I agree - don't look too far ahead, because none of us would have believed we could run for 30 mins when we started. Have fun!!!


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