W3 R3 complete

W3 R3 complete

Yippppe W3 R3 complete and as a non smoker too. Started off with 5. Minute warm but I think it froze as it felt like 10 minutes. Decided to run a different route today, passed a friends old house which she died of a brain tumor at the age of 44. As I ran past I said this is for you lisa. This time next weekend I will be doing a 10k walk/run for Marie curie cancer charity. I did get a little tired on the final 3 minute run but pushed through it and here I am W3 complete. Bring on W4. ;-) I sure my new running shoes are on steroids ha ha ;-)


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14 Replies

  • Hooray! Great job on your run, and really kind of you to be running for charity!! I hope I will be one day too.

    Also, very good that you gave up the cigs. How long has it been?

    Oh, and very nice shoes! :D


  • Good morning Michael, thank you. Well I guessed that if I signed up to do a charity event I would 1 be able to run in memory of my friend and dad and 2 work my c25k program in the 10k too and plus raise money for a good cause so everyone ones a winner well almost everyone ;-)

    I have been given up for 3 days now. Haven't really noticed a difference except I can smell my perfume and sweat at all times ha ha oh and the money I have saved which will purchase me my new garmin 15 running watch that I would like :-)

  • Sounds like you’re making great progress, Belinda. Good luck for the Marie Curie 10k. I will admit to being a bit jealous as you are speeding past me. I did W3 R2 and had to have a week off due to a painful foot. I’m sure it was because I have been wearing rubbish shoes. I have ordered a new pair and can’t wait until they arrive. I hope mine are on steroids too!

  • Thank you breezie, I do feel I have made progress but I would not of got this far with you guys and your great posts that keep me motivated. ;-) so I have a lot to thank you all for and the c25k program. Awww sorry to hear you have had foot problems. I did have a slight knee injury but seems to be fine at the moment.

    They will be on steroids too because you will breeze through all the Weeks and runs ahead ;-)

  • Opps without. That could of cost me saying with you guys lol ;-)

  • Fabulous shoes! They look tiny! You sound really positive and enthusiastic. Well done on getting this far and all the best of luck for your 10k.

  • Thank you irishprincess. I am a size 5. I do feel really positive and I am very determined to do this come rain or shine been snow ha ha.

    I'm going to tell everyone about c25k at the 10k event. I've also today just joined a running club local to where I live, just need to get around work ;-)

  • Fab stuff Belinda ! I was wondering last night how you were getting on, think of all the money you will save that you can now spend on running gear and stuff ! :-)

    Oooh, I love your shoooos , size 5 too, just my size :-)

    Keep going , you are doing great, and its so lovely that you are going to do a run in memory of your dad and friend . I did my Race For Life for my dad, I think he would've been telling me off though when he heard me swearing and cursing trying to run up a flippin' great hill, ha ha . He was such a gentleman, bless him :-)

    Right Missus, onwards to Week 4 ! :-D xxx

  • Why thank you poppypug. I've just been to sports direct arghhhh bought a long sleeve karrimor running top and a karrimor running t-shirt and a pair of karrimor running leggings I'm running out of wardrobe space ha ha. Just need a garmin watch now ;-)

    Hands off poppypug, I would die without them ha ha ;-)

    ha ha my friend would of been concerned if she did not here me cursing never mind at hills just at the running itself ha ha ;-)

    Your replies do make me laugh, your funny. I bet your dad would of been dead proud of you.

    onwards and upwards to W4 R1 :-)

  • Aw bless you, thankyou :-) xxx

  • Well done Belinda!! And I love your shoes - so PINK! I have nice bright shoes too - these ones


    See you on Monday for Week 4 :0)

  • Thank you runningknitter, they are great hey, I must of tried at least 20 pairs of running shoes that day. I love pink proper girly girl me. ;-)

    Just checked your running shoes out. I love those too, great colour and style. Think I might need a few pairs of running shoes ha ha ;-)

    Yep, see you Monday my lovely, let's smash this running lark :-)

  • Oh and well done on the no smoking - keep it going - you will feel so much better :0)

  • Thank you, dint feel any different with my breathing but I suppose it's early days. I have not has any cravings yet only the running bug ha ha ;-)

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