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W3 R3


Well I did it.... It was tough because of the heavy showers and the high winds but... Me and my dog have successfully completed week 3!!! To celebrate I have just watched my Odd Thomas DVD that I had for Christmas. I'm a little worried about W4 but will see what happens Monday.

Take care all


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Hooray... Well done!!!

Hi MGT,Well done - and your dog too :). I'm thinking of getting a dog from a rescue. It could, amongst other things, be my 'fitbit' (my auto correct says fit but ! Well, I want one of those too). Good luck with next week :)

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to RoRoMama

My dog was dumped in the small village I live in. She went to RSPCA but a friend pulled some strings and she has been with us over 6 years now. Best thing I ever did. As my Nephew found her we hadn't even seen her before we picked her up. We went off the good stuff everyone said about her.

S x


Congratulations on W3 I was running in the horrid weather yesterday too - so extra well done for that!! I started W4 yesterday & it's tough but amazingly possible & you'll feel great after - good luck!!


Congrats to you and your running buddy! I don't have any dogs to take with me...do you think a guinea pig would keep up...? :)

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to P1glet1

Worth a try. Take a rucksack in case!!!


Congratulations on completing W3. I start W2R1 tomorrow and will be overjoyed if the time comes when my dog is able to come with me. Only had him a few weeks and he is a rescue dog - a dear little soul. Good luck with the rest of your programme - I am sure you will be fine on week 4. Best wishes.

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to Hidden

Oh, how old?

Hidden in reply to mustgetthin

He's estimated to be about 18 months - 2 years old. He was picked up as a stray and taken to Battersea Dogs Home, to use their words, 'In a bit of a state'. He was petrified of other dogs but once he gained a little confidence in his handler started to show issues with other dogs. He was classed as 'hard to rehome' because of this. Battersea do use other agencies to rehome the 'difficult' cases and I had contacts who were able to rehome him with me. We've had a canine behavioural therapist in to see him at home and out on walks and she feels it is defensive rather than aggressive. He's improving a lot but it will be a long time, I think, before I am able to take him on runs with me. Incidentally, he's a very small Jack Russell but looks like a Border Collie puppy. How weird is that? I'm 58 in case it was my age you were asking after!?! Best wishes.

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to Hidden

Hi will be fine in time. Ironic that my dog is ok with other dogs off the lead, but I worry that she may have a pop so keep her on the lead!


Hi S!

Well done on completing W3! I did W3R1 yesterday & found the second 3 mins hard going, slight up hill & wind against me did not help! I'll see what tomorrow brings, but do find the challenge exhilarating! Good luck for W4, A. PS I run with my dog too!

Congratulations! I just finished week 3 as well and it's feeling great! I'm feeling positive about week 4 but a little nervous. I am going much slower now than when I started, but I think I need to do that to be able to keep going.

Good luck with week 4 - I'm starting tonight as well!

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