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Second time of trying


Last year I gave up c25k when I needed to run 20 mins just couldn’t do it and felt disappointed and failure. Back in it this year, week4, anyone got top tips how to get to the 30 mins this year? Or Should I stop and be pleased to jog 15 mins non-stop but mentally it feels cheating

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Keep going!

Yes, it does feel daunting but the gradual build up will get you to 30mins!! When I started, after puffing my way through 60secs running, I didn't think I would do it. But I did. And I ran (slowly) a 5k Race for Life.

Start each week in a positive frame of mind, imagine finishing run 1, week 5 and how good you will feel. Some days will feel harder, it is OK to repeat it. Keep to a comfortable place. Listen to music. Keep your head up and enjoy the scenery. I had little markers on my regular run - "Val's bench", "wounded tree", "dingly dell", "two songs till I finish".

Keep going!



I bang on about this all the time but if you’ve tried once and quit this maybe worth trying. It’s the Japanese slow jogging technique - a low impact style of running designed to avoid injury and really helps with the breathing. I first saw this in w6 and still run this way all the time because I love it! You get all the benefits of running without the pain! I’ve lost over 5 inches from my waist, and haven’t felt so strong and healthy in years.

There’s more to it than just slow - the landing and short stride are key, so it’s worth watching a few times to catch it all. Give it a try - it changed everything for me - hope it works for you!

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Keep banging on about it Disco! We love you for it, it's great stuff.

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Aw shucks - thanks clubberlang!

Thanks for this I’m def going to give it a try

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I second this - I’ve been doing more or less this style of running until my last run when I got over confident and went too fast - I had no real problems till then! I’m going back to it next run 👍🏻

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PS good luck!


Just trust the plan and yourself . When you get to the 20 minute run again just go slow drink plenty water 7 days a week. You can do it 😊😊


Hi Bethdog! Take it slow! I tried not to think of it as a whole 20 minutes, I broke it down into smaller chunks.

5 minutes is fine, well I’ve done 5 so the next will be ok. Ten minutes, blimey that’s half of it done, 15 minutes? - well, I’ve done 15 already another 5’s not going to kill me.... It worked for me! You say it yourself, you want to get to 30 minutes - if you trust the plan you will! Let us know how you get on!


The plan really does work, have faith and believe in yourself. Try not to look ahead just focus on the run you’re on. You CAN do it.


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and is full of tips. I would recommend that you follow the link to the post about mental approach too.

Enjoy your journey.


I graduated at the start of July and have concluded that so much of this experience is down to what goes on in my head, before I lace up my trainers! When starting out I literally couldn’t run the length of my room and last week I ran my first 5k! Trust the programme and you’ll be amazed- when you first run for 20 minutes you will feel ecstatic and ready for anything. You are progressing with every run - you must be to get from 60 seconds to 8 minutes! So go for it! Happy running 🙂

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