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Graduation second time round


Well that's not really possible I guess but I did the last of the three week 9 runs this morning, actually on a treadmill because I couldn't face the ankle deep mud and puddles on my usual route again until my new goretex shoes arrive. When they do I shall make good use of them. Anyway I have worked through the programme again after my long lay off, missed out some weeks and did not always do three of each week's runs and I think that just goes to show how much of the progress is about mental attitude and believing you can do it. So, not running 5k in 30 mins of course but at least running for 30 mins (I did 32 this morning on the treadmill and had the incline on a bit to try and make it a bit harder). Second time round is a bit easier because you know you can do it and a bit harder because it's a bit frustrating to be a beginner again. Anyway I am going to work up to getting back to park runs and maybe next years Manchester 10k. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me when I restarted.

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Well done. You have shown amazing determination and perseverance after all you have been through. I am hoping to do a 10k next year as well so we can encourage each other. Congratulations 😊


Well done for completing Week 9. Great dedication!

Well done. Happy running.

Dear Rosebery . A run is a run is a run... well done on completing week 9 . Good luck with your future running plans.


Well done - it has to be hard to start again, as you mention, so my hat is doubly off to you :)

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