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Hit that C25K wall!!!


Hi everyone, newbie here so sorry if this type of post is a regular issue. I got to week 7 of C25K in Jan then got a cold and chest infection, I must admit at week 7 I was really losing the love so the cold kept me away for longer than it should have. Back last week so dropped back to week 6 to ease back in and did 3 of the 10/5/10 runs before trying straight 25 min of week 7 again today. They weren't too bad but today I Just couldn't do the full 25 mins even tho I could in Jan (even tho I didn't enjoy it), stopped twice today for around 45 secs which was really disappointing and just hated it. Is this common in week 7 when you're really starting the no break runs? Until now I was really thinking I might get into it and now I feel I'll just give up. Does it get easier again and do you find a love for it if you just push through a tough few weeks? Any motivation greatly received. Thank you

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Hi Benjibobber. I must admit that I found that I lost the desire to run during week 7. Not really sure why as I was still completing them (just!!), but really not feeling motivated. I did W8R1 yesterday and although I was dreading it, it went better than I had imagined it would. So, I’m hoping I might feel motivated again tomorrow when I do R2.

It sounds like your illness had also played a part for you. But we must stick with it. We’ve both come such a long way we mustn’t stop now. See how you get on with your next run, and remember, you’re really not alone and the only one feeling like this.

Thanks and we'll done on week 8 so far, I'm really hoping I'll have the same success, I'll let you know. For now let's do this thing - pull my sleeves up and just keep 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😁


You may need to back further in the plan for you to progress forward as you've had more than 2 weeks off go back and see if it helps 😊

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I did wonder that but the 6 week runs seemed fine, think I'm back to the 7 week wall I hit before my cold 🙄. Going to keep going tho and do this thing! Thank you


I feel your pain! The 9 week program took me 4 months. You are so close, and have done well to get this far. Some days are better than others. Some runs are disastrous- but even running and stopping is better than not running. I’ve completed now but can’t say I love it. I find it very hard. What keeps me going is the sense of achievement when I finish. And remembering why I’m doing it in the first place. We’re all just beginners. Don’t be so hard on yourself. These long runs are challenging, especially for true beginners. Take a long view. Forget about counting weeks. You’re not tied to that. It’s just a guide. If it takes you a month - or even 2-to do the rest of the program so what? That is a success- not a failure. You can do it!

Thank u, I think I push myself too hard like I should be running faster by now 😂, I don't have much patience with my ability. I'm going to slow it down but sometimes feel like I must look like I'm practically walking! I'm doing around 10min 30sec miles and annoyed with myself as I want to be under 10. Patience is what I need, thanks again 😁


Slow down and don't give yourself such a hard time. You are a novice and 7 weeks ago, you couldn't run for toffee. This will take time to bed in. At this point I think you need discipline rather than motivation and in my experience, running becomes better and better the more you do of it. I have had highs and lows but over the almost 2 years since I donned my trainers for week one, running has changed my life. It can do the same for you but you need to be patient. Rome was not built in a day (or 9 weeks :) )

You're sooooo right, I have no one putting pressure on me other than myself, my husband is always telling me to slow down 😂, thank u


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and explains the recommended easy conversational pace........ you are going too fast..... everyone does.

If you below down it becomes achievable and believe it or not, enjoyable and is actually the optimal pace for building stamina. Forget about speed for now and complete the plan, then you can work out how you are going to speed up.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you, I think that's obviously the key, i need to have a serious word with myself and slow down! 😁


I’m a bit of a broken record on this but search on youtube Japanese slow jogging movement- and there’s a short film showing a low impact technique - in Japanese called niko niko - smile! You’re running (getting all the benefits) but slowly able to smile & chat. It really changed everything for me - today I ran for 45 minutes! - when I started back in Nov I thought I’d die on W1. So maybe try a different style of running? I love it and it’s really helped to embed running into my life. It was especially useful as the durations increased. You can always work on a faster pace later if you want.

Thank you so much, I'll have a look at that 😁


To be honest... I dated running while on C25K... we went out every other day, and sometimes it was hard. Early on I nearly dumped my date... then after the plan, during consolidation, with no pressure on, I started to fall in love with running.

Looking at how your run went, I’d think if you slowed it down just a shade you’d be there.

Thank you, that's good to know, before today I've never stopped unless I've been told to in the plan so it felt like an epic fail but putting pressure on and being a stickler to the plan is not necessarily the way to success, I'll stick at it tho and slow down, thank you 👍

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All you gotta do is keep crossing the start lines and there’s no way you won’t succeed.

Slowed down yesterday and loved loved loved my run!!! Felt a bit of a wally as I was slow, ran about 12 min miles instead if 10 min 30/40 that I was doing but decided I didn't care, if i can get the love for it the speed can come later, thanks for all your advice!! Xxx

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