Hit a brick wall

Last week I went from being on a high from running week 6 run 3 to then week 7 run 1 and hitting what felt was and is a massive mental (which led to physical brick wall) block. I ran the first 12 1/2 minutes turned to come back and I had to keep going into brisk walk mode.

Run 2 of that week I thought change route and change of scenery will be good but no same again...run 3 same. Unlike a previous week though I'm determined not to use the "f" word. Instead I will keep persevering with week 7 until I do it. I have learnt that it's not the time it takes to get to c25k or the speed in which I do it but for me it's about not giving up and carrying on.

After the first run of week 7 I developed a migraine that lingered all week. My body also ached and some life stuff that happens but I'm not making excuses. What I did was still get up don my running shoes and got out there...I am sure there is a mental block going on and I'm determined to beat it...I don't know how long or how but I will somehow, someway

This is a journey I will conquer and I have to keep reminding myself that seven weeks ago I couldn't run a minute now I can run twelve and a half (even though thenweeks before I ran 20 minutes and 25mins), I didn't stop but went into bursts of brisk walk when I could've give up and that I will do it!!!


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  • Week 7 was a mental challenge for me too. MY personal block was actually the fear of carrying on running .... like... forever?? You mean not just to week 9?? (...gulp!!) and feeling tired, in discomfort and generally unhappy about it. The only way forward for me was to promise myself that if I continued I would be as slow as I wanted and not beat myself up over anything. I have mainly stuck to that agreement and got past the mental barrier to graduation and beyond. I hope you identify what your barrier is and find your own solution. As for life stuff 🎲🎲 there will always be that unfortunately.

  • Thank you. Today I achieved running 25 minutes. Not sure how...well it helped to slow my pace down which actually turned out more efficient as I was able to run at a constant steady pace than the irractic pace I had been at. I also found that at the half way point last week I had to physically turn around to turn back and for some reason that was a massive mental block. Today I carried on for another few minutes then turned and it worked. My sleep was so poor last week to and I just felt so weary...no excuses as I said before but all put together was a recipe for a bad week but today is a new start and I did it

  • I like you approach to this problem. OF COURSE you will do it. Maybe that challenges along the way will make your graduation (in just a very few weeks) even sweeter :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Your attitude sounds as if it is positive,but you don't say what made you stop.

    Try starting off way slower than normal. Pacing is still difficult for me after four years. I am not much good at running slowly. It is hard work, but in fact more sustainable than heading out too fast at the start. Sometimes you have to be strict with yourself.

    Sort out the tactics. You know you can do it.

  • Thanks for your reply, really appreciated.

    The runs I did 20mins and 25mins I actually ran at a faster pace. I consciously made a decision to slow down on week 7 because I felt the 25min run really tiring which for some reason I find really hard to do. Maybe because I had to work harder at slowing down I have been to focussed on this.

    I will keep going though as I'm a stubnorn determined fool who will try and do it

  • You may have accumulated fatigue from running the 20 and 2 min runs at a faster pace. It may just be one of those things.

    I had a couple of days of sudden overwhelming torpor and loss of strength a couple of weeks back for not apparent immediate reason. I struggled to stay awake through the day let alone make it through training, and I felt utterly desolat as well as boneweary. As I said there was no obvious cause for why this should have come on so suddenly. It took me the best part of a week to fully shake off. In hindsight I suspect it was a combination of accumulated fatigue from an increased training pattern, poor sleep and not matching my food intake to my workload. BUt it could have been anything. Sometimes it just happens. All we can do is kepp our heads down and plough on and we come out the other side. This week i have felt back in tiptop form and it is actually quite refreshing by contrast.

    You are doing all the right things. Just keep doing them and you will succeed.

  • Thanks for your reply. I felt exactly how you described...boneweary, no energy, tired constantly. Like you lack of sleeep...two hours sleep one night, three hours broken sleep the next so probably all contributed.

    Today though I got up like last Monday and I DID IT!!! I ran for 25minites. Still can't believe I did it after last week but I did and didn't slow or stop once. There was point very early on where I was about to and something I find incredibly difficult to do is to slow down but today I did. What is interesting to is that even though I went at a slower pace I covered more distance because I went at a steady pace and my breathing wa better.

    Distance doesn't Interest me but to complete the run without stopping or going in to a walk does but it goes to show that a slower steady pace is better and works. Now all I have to do is do it again and hope it wasn't a flooke on Wednesday

  • Great attitude Julesh...keep at it..we all want you to succeed.😊

    You will do it.

  • Thank you for your support...today I ran for 25minutes so chuffed 😊

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