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W4 - I've hit a wall


Hi all, I've been lurking on the forum for the past 4 weeks reading all your advice which has been a great help. I've hit my first stumbling block after really enjoying the programme so far. I've just finished W4R2 and now for the second time in a row I've struggled to finish the second 3 min run and the last 5min run. Both times I've had to go back to walking for the last minute of both those runs. I finished week 3 and didn't feel it was too much of a struggle. Should I go back to W3R3 or just plod on until I can finish W4 three times successfully?

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Was it because its hot out there? I completed W4R3 today, but I did it early this morning, and as the yellow thing in the sky was putting in an appearance I stuck to the shady side of the roads.

I’ve just finished week 4 today. It was very hot but took it easy pace wise. Are you sure you are not running too fast. My running pace is not much faster than my warm up fast walk. Remember we are doing a light jog as Sarah Millican keeps telling me!!

If you feel you need to repeat runs do it! I’m sure I won’t do week 5 in just 3 runs - keep at it but at your own pace.


Slow it right down and you will do that run... if you are struggling, slow done more and kick the bricks of that wall down with every steady step:)


Thanks guys. I've struggled with slowing my pace from the start. Have been watching videos about slow jogging all week! Today I thought I had slowed down but actually ran slightly faster than last time when I checked the tracking on my phone! The heat today definitely didn't help! Will try again early on Monday

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I am the same as you both week and struggled today. It was hot and I am speeding up, perhaps we will nail it by the end of the week. I also worried about it before whucg I hadn't before which wont have helped.

As well as all the above, if you think you are getting a mental block can you vary your route? Just doing it the opposite way round, or other side of the road might be enough to help too. The main thing is not to stress/worry about it.

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That's a great suggestion! Will def give that a go, I've always ran the same route so now might be a good time for a change up.


Slow down more 💪🏽


I also have trouble with pace. Have found it much easier on a treadmill for this reason. Might be worth a try. Good luck


I'm finding my walking pace ok but my running pace is stuck at a speed that i expect is too fast but I just can't seem to go any slower without walking I'll def consideryour suggestion, thank you! Any suggestions on pace/speed for the run section?

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