Hit the wall at wk7

Hi, running does not come easy to me but have managed to follow the programme until now!! Week 7 has really thrown me, I have struggled on the last 2 runs and have not been able to complete the 25 mins solid run. Have not been able to get my breathing right and started to panic. Any advice as my celebratory run is 4th July and really don't think I will be ready :(


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  • there is no reason physically you cant do it, the program has built you up to do each week :)

    If you think you are running slowly enough, slow down some more and don't start off to fast , you really can do it :D

  • Thanks, I agree I think it is psychological, just need to conquer the demons!!

  • I run incredibly slowly and have just completed week 7. I'm sure walkers would overtake me if there were any about this week...(They are all conserving energy for the local marathon of 95 miles on Saturday) Try being slower, then if you have energy left you can do that 1 minute burst at the end. When I started I repeated week 1 cos I was so bad. i'm sure if you need to build the stamina it is OK.

  • Lol don't think I can go any slower, my phone app said my walking speed was faster than my running speed :)

  • 95 miles? You must live in ultra-running county ;)

  • Its a walk not a run- I live on the Isle of Man and the Saturday nearest the longest day is when the parish walk happens. Thousands of people start and set personal targets- many walk to my town which is 32 miles from the start. under 16s have a limit. Running is not allowed. The walk has to be completed within 24 hours so a good walking pace should be maintained. Many people are sponsored for a charity of their choice.

  • That's ultra-walking then ;) Lovely place, I've been there only once and too briefly, just 1 night (was sailing)

    It sounds like a great event!

  • Sounds like mine then. Does it matter? I don't bother about slowness:-)

  • I'm honestly not bothered about speed just that I can't slow down anymore to get my breathing under control :)

  • Hello! It's a horrible feeling, that inability to steady your breathing. Tiny little steps, tiny ones. Try not to let any thoughts of time enter your mind. I suppose you still take Laura out with you, talking in your ear for comfort and support sooooooo let her comfort and support and encourage you. No thinking that last time you tried it was rubbish and you couldn't do it so why would it be better this time? No sir-eeee.

    Get back out there and approach the run as a brand new challenge.

    Tiny little steps, nicely balanced; when Laura leaves you in peace think about standing tall leaving lots of space inside your body for air, think about your shoulders being relaxed and your arms moving nicely close to your sides, think about your throat and neck being relaxed and not too tipped back or forwards, think about pulling all that lovely air in and pushing it out ready for the next big deep breath, think about running silently scaring walkers and dogs, think about absolutely anything at all except the passing of time. Count your right foot falls or your inhales, the lamp-posts or trees, red cars, nice cars, peopl,e's hanging basket planting choices, think about your glutes if your quads feel tired, think about how far ahead you're looking, concentrate on your form and do not think about time.

    You'll be absolutely fine - concentrate and BELIEVE in yourself, you've done so well to get to this point - you CAN do it!

    Expecting good news, soon!

  • Wow- I'm going to try that mindfulness technique- It sounds great.

  • Aha! Is that what it is? Mindfulness? For me it's gloriously selfishly self-centered survival!!! Give it a shot!

  • Thank you BoPeep9009 very encouraging words :)

  • Hi Dawnsorz just did run 7 week 1 yesterday. I too found it hard and cannot get the breathing right (Laura's in through the nose and out through the mouth) so I decided to stop worrying about that aspect of it and puffed round on my usual way. I reckon the breathing will come with practice (gonna try it when I'm not running if I ever remember). Went very slow and had to speed myself up a couple of times. It's going to be a slog from now on for a bit but then the effort will be worth it I hope! Good luck x

  • If that is any comfort to you, I found week 7 the hardest of all. In the end I managed and soldiered through to the end of the programme (week 8 and 9 were less hard for some reason). Since graduation I have learned that it is indeed possible to go even more slowly with tiny little steps. This really is the way to do it and to enjoy and not just survive runs.

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