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Restarting c25k after surgery

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I had surgery for endometriosis at the end of November and was hoping to be able to start running again after two weeks but unfortunately I got a nasty infection and I've only been able to start up again this week. Today was the second time this week I've tried to do week 5 run 2 and I'm really struggling with it. I was ok with run 1 but I'm finding it really difficult to finish the 8 minute running segments. Exceptionally frustrating given that before surgery I was doing 25 minute runs without any undue difficulty. I thought after surgery and 4 weeks not exercising that dropping back a couple of weeks would be ok to build back up to the longer runs but I guess even that was a bit too ambitious. When I next run on Saturday I'm going to drop back again to the beginning of week 4 and start again from there. I'm not giving up but I have to admit that I feel a little deflated right now.

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Good luck with your recovery racheles78. You were doing so well I'm sure you'll be successful, not giving up is a great success and you should congratulate yourself for that! Keep it slow and steady, you'll smash it!

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We all have to accept that we are where we are regarding performance, especially after illness or surgery.

Don't let it get you down, but pick up where you can and know that in just a few weeks you will be a graduate.

best wishes for your recovery.......keep running, keep smiling.

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So proud of you for getting back out there so quickly ! Look after yourself and enjoy a convalescent week 4 - you deserve it. You’ll soon be racing away again x

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Hi rachelles78

Endometriosis is very difficult to deal with and I admire your resilience. Take your time and build your health, go back as far as you have to and dont beat yourself up you’re dealing with enough.

Good luck!!

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Welcome back👍

Although you might be feeling ok mentally , your body has gone through a trauma and needs time to heal. We expect so much from it.

So please don't beat yourself up about it. Just get back slow and steady again to build up your energy levels💪.

Relax and enjoy x

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