Hit a wall week 6 run 3........HELP

Hi everyone, my first post. Started before Christmas, due to mustle injury, holiday and all usual reasons, only on week 6 run 3 [3rd attempt this morning]. all other runs have gone ok. Started at 13st 10lb now at 12st 7lb [target 12st with the help of the Dukan diet, as prescribed by my GP]. I did the 20min run ok then when it got to the 25 minute I just can't get past 15-18 minutes. So this morning after about 12 minutes, I had to slow to a walk for 2-3 minutes, then ran again for about 8 minutes, walked for 2 - 3 minutes then ran again covering a measured [my local park run route] 5k in a total of approx 30 minutes. My thought is that I may be trying to run too fast as I have never run in my life, even avoiding it at school as I sufferd from Asthma till about 15 years ago. Also I stopped smoking about 3 years ago [30+ a day]. Does anyone else find the very cold air makes it much harder ? Really enjoy reading the blogs.



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9 Replies

  • I think you have nailed it on the head....slow down! Once you have slowed down and managed the time running your pace will come.

    If I were you I would move on to w7r1 and see how you go at the slower pace...my mantra is no matter how slow you are going you can always go slower ( trust me!!!). Let us know how you get on

  • Thanks, I'll try it next run.

  • Yup! Slow is the answer! If you can do 20 minutes in one go, it follows that your body *can* get past 15-18 in the 25 minute one. Maybe it's also partly the gremlins on your shoulder tellling you can't do it? Tell them to go jump in a lake, because you've already run for 20 minutes! And go slower.

    Most people don't get to running 5k in 30 minutes by the end of week 9, let alone in week 6. (I keep going on about it, but it does seem to help sometimes, so I'll say it again - I graduated running 3k in 30 minutes. Now I'm speeding up.) It's not a race - that's for later!

    You can do it! :)

  • Thanks, I'll tell the gremlins on Tuesday.

  • Hi, I just finished that run yesterday. I think I was able to get through it because I run super slow, pretty much at my walking pace. Maybe try starting out really slow on your next run and see if you can settle into a comfortable pace where your breathing is under control. If you're panting and not getting enough air, dial back the speed and calm your breathing with some deep belly breaths. I admire your determination to do this, I know you can, and so do you! Good luck!

  • Thanks, I'm beginning to get the message.

  • Yeah - I'd agreed go as slow as you need it's about building endurance, not speed at the mo. I came across your posting as I'm about to hit the dreaded w6r3 tonight. I could be sitting up on that wall with you later on! Don't get despondent, hang in there - you've done great to get this far. For the cold air I recommend a buff - I normally wear mine round my neck in the cold, and if the air is so cold it's hurting my throat and lungs I just pull it up over my nose - tho I'm sure it makes me look like a bandit fleeing the scene of a crime! They're great for summer when its dusty or polleny too. buffwear.co.uk/

  • Thanks, I'll try one and good luck for tonight.

  • Thanks! I did it - at a snail's pace admittedly, I bet a walker would have overtaken me, but I'm still celebrating the victory! When Laura said "you can call yourself a runner now" at the end, I could have cried for joy!

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