Lost motivation and brick wall

OK so I got to week 6 ok and was managing to keep up with Laura and managed the 25 min run ...just. Then I went on holiday for two weeks and despite lots of good intentions only managed one 20 min session in the hotels gym whilst I was away. Meant to get going as soon as I got back but it's been three weeks now and I've only managed one run a week!

Plus I tried week 7 and failed miserably to even run for 10 mins so feeling really demotivated. Should I go back to wk 5 or 6? I've got my race for life on the 22nd and really wanted to be able to run it but am thinking I'm not going to be able to. If anyone can advise on how to get myself back on track I would appreciate it. I was the classic couch potato and couldn't run for 60 seconds back in February but it has taken me this long to even get here.

Thanks to everyone on the blogs even writing this is making me feel better and a little more motivated so even if I don't get any advice I'm a step closer.

Think I'll go back to wk 5 and build my confidence again. ??? I'll let you know how I get on .... Now where are those trainers.


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13 Replies

  • Hi Bonzo. It does sound like you have over stretched yourself especially after a holiday from The Plan. If in doubt always go back - never forward. It is all to do with your mental attitude you must be ready before tackling a new week. I would totally agree with your thoughts on going back to week 5. Get you confidence back up with that and go for it from there. All the best.

  • Thank you CamMac, the support on here is much appreciated. Well I got up, got out, got running ! Well didn't quite manage the full 8minsx2 of wk5r2 but am now home, wet but happy that I made it out the door !

    Thank you for the support much appreciated

  • I know you don't fancy going back to w5r1 M8 but if you cannot make the 2 x 8 minute runs then I would strongly suggest re-starting there. The Plan has been developed to gradually increase your stamina but you must complete each run in full. Hope you start at an achievable level and carry on to succeed.

  • I suspect that feeling a bit demotivated comes to us all on occasion. Why not treat yourself to a little run purely for fun? Leave the podcast behind, choose a pretty route and just have a gentle jog and enjoy the scenery. You'll probably do better than you expect.

    I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine for the race for life on the 22nd - it's a whole three weeks away.

    Good luck !

  • Thank you sfb350 , a whole three weeks! That sounds much better than ONLY three weeks lol. Thank you for the support. You guys keep me going.

  • I agree with sfb350 - take the pressure off yourself and just go for a fun jog with your own music and enjoy the view. Knowing that you have a race for life soon will give you the motivation you need plus getting back on track with Laura in your own time will also help. Good luck and keep blogging.

  • Thanks Magster, still not got the concept of a 'fun' jog although the anticipation is always worse that when I get out there but fun ? Not quite there yet ... But here's hoping. Many thanks for the support it is appreciated so much.

  • You can get back into it, honest!

    And re doing week 5 sounds like a good tactic to me.

    I built up to running 7 miles. But then four weeks ago I had to take a break due to a chest infection. I really missed running but genuinely couldnt run for 10 days (even my dog walks were tough). Unfortunately, having got out of my running routine I just couldnt seem to get back into it and ended up taking another 18 days off. (Decades of being a lazy mare arent so easily cast off!)

    I was getting really low and started thinking of myself as an ex runner!

    But I have just done my first run for 4 weeks. To make myself commit to it I told my (7 time marathon running) sister last night I would run first thing.

    I told myself I had to do a minimum of 2 miles. The first 10 mins were, as ever, tough. But I started enjoying it and managed 3.5!

    My sis kept telling me that once you run regularly the memory of that achievement stays with you - the phrase regular runners use is "it is still in your legs!". I had my doubts but today proved they are right!

  • Thank you Deryn61, glad its not just me who finds it difficult to get re motivated. After posting my blog I got my running shoes on & despite the rain went out with Laura to do wk5r2 (I just couldn't go back to wk5r1) and didn't quite manage both sets of 8 mins but now determined to get back on track. I still managed 2.14 miles and although it was not all running I am starting to get that little smug feeling back that helps me get out next time. Thank you for your support it really helps and keep it up sounds lie you have got the running bug too

  • I did a race for life a couple of years ago, before I had even heard of C25K. I certainly wasn't fit enough to jog it, so I half ran, half walked my way around. There was something about having all those people there, also doing the same thing for the same cause, that kept me going - it really is a great thing to take part in, and I'm sure you'll feel great about even just completing the course (which you WILL be able to do!). Best of luck with it.

  • Me too! My daughter & I did one about 4 years ago and walked the majority of it. Hence my target this time to run the whole 5k .. A little challenge to myself, plus I am doing the run with girls fom work and as I'm the oldest I didn't want to be the last one round the course.... Not that I'm competitive or anything.. Perhaps I should harness that lol thank you for your support really appreciate it.

  • Hi Bonzo (great name BTW!) you may have lost a bit of fittness but some of it will be still there. Just think back in Feb how hard it was to run for 1 minute in the cold and the rain and the dark (I started in Feb too) and you will see that you are not in any way back to there. At the very least you KNOW you are capable of running for 25 mins straight and you will have got breathing and pacing sorted out. If you have three weeks to go to the race for life and go back to week 5 you will be comfortably getting to running for 25 minutes. I've not done a RfL but I suspect the atmosphere and the adrenaline will do the rest and as Ahateumezalea says there is no shame in walking a bit if you really have to! Good luck, go for it, it's a lovely day! Get those trainers on! :-)

  • Hi Pingle, thanks you for your post. I know I'm not back at week 1 but I get annoyed when I go backwards.. Even when it's my own fault ! I think I'm better in the cold & dark was finding the heat difficult ha ha anyway have dragged myself out this morning and although I've not managed the full 8min x2 of wk5r2 I'm confident that Tuesday will see me smash it and get back on the plan. Not sure where you are but it's wet & miserable here but I didn't notice whilst I was out as I was concentrating on my breathing lol Thank you so much for your support it really helps :-)

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