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Not graduating yet


I am just back from a really awful parkrun: my second and in 50mph gusts it was just nasty! I had to walk at around 25mins and from there on at intervals. My son (in photo) also found it tough.

I have therefore decided that I will not graduate today as I’d hoped: Christmas food & drink has made running this week really hard work and I haven’t completed one of my three 30min runs without having to walk at some point. It doesn’t help that it’s hard to find a flat route where I live unless I drive somewhere so the hills have finished me off this week. I’m disappointed but my small victory today was that I nearly stopped my parkrun with a lap to go, but I made myself keep going and completed it, only 3mins slower than last week.

My plan now is to have several days proper rest and re-do week 9 into the New Year, possibly even going back to week 8 again, it depends how I feel. I will be doing a ‘run the year’ challenge whereby I plan to run a minimum of 20miles per month so I’m not quitting!

I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful New Year! 🥂💕🏃‍♂️

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Well done for getting through it.

My head on 1-1-19 will tell me if I’m doing the first of the year or not

Today wasn’t my fastest time, but I was happy with it, a Parkrun Pb. And helped my mate get round too


Well done for getting out there today in the wind.


Good work getting out at all in that weather ! How lovely to start the new year with your victory week - enjoy !

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Thank you: that’s a nice way to think about it 😊

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Only way to keep motivated is to keep turning these things upside down ! Look at how far you’ve come: you’ve so much to be proud of x


Some runs are good, others are not so good, mainly due to weather conditions, nice photo of you and your son, happy running for 2019. 😊 🏃

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It’s just been a not so good week all round: for running at least. I see a correlation between calories consumed and running fatigue...! Thank you x


Hi Molly, lovely to 'see' you and put a face to a name! Congrats for getting out there on a blustery day and getting round the course - 5k is a long way with the wind trying to blow you back to the starting line! Your graduation run is something to look forward to and enjoy, and if you don't feel ready for it yet, listen to your body and your mind: you will achieve it when you are ready and it will be fantastic, whenever it is!

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Aww thank you x

The runs can wait for when you’re ready. But blooming well done on having a crack at it, but if W8 was okay why not accept that and just crack on with W9? Best of luck whichever way you go

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Thank you! I will crack on with week 9 in the New Year: surprisingly I feel great today: barely any aches whereas in the week I was hobbling and struggling on the stairs!


Well done for doing it and sticking with it. Your son is is lovely coming with you for the runs. Together you will see it through.


Molly, I avoid running in the wind if possible, I hate it, and never feel that I have done enough, so well done for even tackling 50mph gusts.

I have started tracking the wind on my weather app, and plan my runs for the least windy days.

Graduation in the New Year sounds like a great plan.🌬🌬

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