Week 4 day 1 ( my 2nd post on here )

Hello you! Yes you ! the one reading all the posts and thinking, One day that will be me. Well I was you and now as my post header reads I have just completed day 1 of week 4. Wasn't easy but "I" did it.

Two years ago I couldn't walk up the stairs without chest pain and dizziness. I was given a spanking new heart valve but had a full left sided stroke the following day. I probably made a full recovery within the year and have been looking at the posts on here and other site ever since.

On 31/12/16 I did my first Parkrun with no training and to be honest I walked most of it 48.51 was my time.

Now today I run ( slowl and steady ) for 16 minutes out of a total 21.5 minutes as per the C25K plan. So YOU, yes YOU, well you CAN do it too.


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  • DD2306 thank you! I completed week 3 today so run 1 week 4 is calling on Tuesday...you're making me think I might actually do it!

  • You can and you will. I am achy but buzzing. I keep saying to my husband " who'd have thought"?

  • I'm just back from a weekend away - I took my kit and finished week 3 in "foreign parts" (Bedford). So pleased with myself for leaving the husband in the hotel room and getting out there in -3C this morning. I keep reminding myself that I didn't think I could do 1 minute!!

    Who'd've thought...indeed!

  • Well done. It's amazing what we can do when we try, isn't it? I certainly never dreamt that I would willingly be going out 3 times a week to run for 30 minutes, and yet here I am! :) Keep going!

  • thanks CookieM I am dreaming of the day I become a graduate. Amazing how our bodies adapt and recover

  • You are amazing! Huge well done, especially for overcoming so much. Looking forward to hearing more of your success :)

  • thanks so much Loismelia , means a lot to me all the support and tips on here.

  • Well done. You are an inspiration. To have gone through so much and still got out there. I'm starting Week 4 tomorrow, gulp, it's scary when you start a new week but amazing how you feel when you manage to achieve. x

  • you will do it. When I think back I was dreading week 2 and kept reading the program. This week I didn't bother as I just wanted to get on with it. Good luck this week

  • Fantastic post - well done for your determination

  • You show me yours & I'll show you mine! My cardioligist says that if the ICD kicks in he'll re-program it! How's that for empathy?

  • haha davidhwynn I have no internal wires or batteries just a plush new valve that some poor piggie or cow ( sorry any veggies out there ) donated. Your cardiologist is right no empathy needed we just need to get on with it. But seriously I am amazed how the body can heal and adjust. I never even ran at school and now I am freewheeling towards being 60 and I am enjoying this running bug. Best of health to you

  • Reached W4R1 on my second time around, having given up once

  • I am determined to reach the end, and I am enjoying it.

  • Haven't yet got to the point where I can say i'm "enjoying it" ... maybe sometime, I really do hope so. I'm determined too, so one way or another I'll get there, sooner or later! No question, I'll definitely get there. As you'll see from some of my other posts I use quotes to help me psycholologically, mine today is from Daniel Van Dommelen: 'Pain Is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever: No Matter How Hard It Gets, Do It Till it's Done". Week 4 Run 1 for me tomorrow as well - I'll try to get it done early, before I waste the whole day procrastinating.

  • Wow!! Posts like yours are so inspiring and I take my hat off to you. You sound like a fighter who appreciates life to the full. You'll be a graduate in no time with bells on!!! 🔔🔔🔔

  • What a lovely post! Really inspirational that you have overcome so much. You're well on the way now, it'll be Week 9 before you know it!

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