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An uncomfortable 27 minute run 🥵

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First 27 minute run today and although I completed it definitely wasn’t my best. My legs never really got going on this run and I just felt a bit sluggish!

Never felt like I wasn’t going to complete it just felt a bit like running through water today. I think the heat/mugginess combined with having run Sun, Tues and then today made this run a bit tougher. Nevertheless, 27 minutes were completed!

Definitely taking 2 rest days now so the next run will be Sunday (forecast to be 27c here!). Working early so morning run isn’t an option and have plans in the evening, so i’m thinking I may do this run indoors as it will be too hot outside? Any advice from fellow runners?

Also noticed a sign saying the usual route I run on will be shut next week for a week! So also now planning a new route for next week too!

Time: 27:03, Distance: 3.87km, Av. Pace: 6’59”

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nowster profile image

If Sunday is going to be difficult, you can delay until Monday.

girlsjustwannarun profile image
girlsjustwannarunGraduate in reply to nowster

Definitely considering it! I could go early Monday too. I think i’ll keep the mindset of Sunday, and see how I feel on the day.

Imc50 profile image

2 rest days cracking idea, you'll be raring to go 👍

girlsjustwannarun profile image
girlsjustwannarunGraduate in reply to Imc50

Fingers crossed!

Instructor57 profile image

Good idea for the 2 rest days !Keep hydrated though on your days off 👍

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girlsjustwannarunGraduate in reply to Instructor57

I’ve been drinking water like it’s going out of fashion 😂

Instructor57 profile image
Instructor57Ambassador in reply to girlsjustwannarun

Haha, good 😁👍

Frenc profile image

Hi girlsjustwannarun! Well done on your run, even though your legs were pretty sluggish. Two rest days will see you right, I’m sure 😊. And a new route will mix it up a bit too! All the best. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🦵🦵🦵

girlsjustwannarun profile image
girlsjustwannarunGraduate in reply to Frenc

Definitely! The main thing is I got through it, and now it’s time to give the legs a little rest and plan a new route!

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Hold fire until Monday when you have rested, keep hydrated though. In Wales we don’t get that much sun, mainly rain as we only have three seasons, autumn, winter and spring, all wet!

Perhaps you could try weight training on Sunday if you go to a gym? Upper body work is good for runners. 🏋️

girlsjustwannarun profile image
girlsjustwannarunGraduate in reply to VeganDave

I may well do, will be able to run early Monday morning too!

And that’s a great idea! At least then i’m doing something to help the running even if I don’t get the run in!

Wavy-chick28 profile image

I always have a two day break at the weekend, the weather has definitely made things harder but hydrating properly has helped. When I first completed c25k I started the knee strengthening exercises on here and they have definitely helped with that heavy feeling in the legs.

Don’t be tough on yourself!

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