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If you saw my last post, you'll know I just finished week 6 of couch to 5k. I weighed myself today and noticed I've gained nearly 7lb since beginning the programme. Albeit I haven't always been eating the healthiest, I do try and make good choices but often festivities and plans get in the way.. is it normal to gain so much weight when im exercising so frequently? surely not?

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Hi Bethan.

Well done on your progress through the programme.

Its not the running that is increasing weight.

Many new runners mistakenly think they can have a ‘treat’ because they have run, but these short runs really dont use many calories at all. The running will however be increasing your fitness.

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Hi Bethan, I know how you feel ! Part of what’s going on is that you are gradually changing fat into muscle, and muscle is heavier than fat. It also burns calories quicker than fat, so as long as you eat healthily most of the time, you will start to lose weight ! Don’t despair: you may be heavier just now but I bet you’re more toned than you were !

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C25K is not a weight loss programme, but many have had stunning success, especially in conjunction with a calorie monitoring method, such as myfitnesspal.

If you are gaining weight then you are taking in more calories than you are expending.

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I've been eating 1500 calories per day for a while the weight does come off you just have to be really careful what you eat . My eating has changed for the long term not just a short term thing so eat less and see what happens good luck

Its very hard to lose weight by exercise alone, especially at the start when you feel you must be burning tons of calories but in reality you're not. I would always recommend following a healthy eating plan ( which includes looking at the quantity of food as well as the types of food you eat. There are plenty of places for weightloss advice and support which along with a good regular exercise program will help you lose the weight. You will also gradually gain some muscle which will help burn the calories a bit quicker too, but that doesn't happen overnight.

Muscle weighs heavily so this might be a positive thing :)

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Muscle is more dense than fat but a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same! Muscle takes up less space per pound than fat but it takes a long time and a lot of consistent effort to build enough muscle to claim that you have gained weight from putting on muscle. Sorry. 😉

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A lot of overweight people do find that even when eating carefully they do put on weight initially when they start to exercise, and the only likely reason I’ve been able to find is the difference in weight between a lump of fat and an equally sized lump of muscle. Because muscle burns calories quicker, providing the person continues to exercise and eat healthily, that reaches a tipping point and weight loss begins. Obviously if you eat like a pig all the time, most of the weight gain ain’t gonna be muscle, no matter how much you exercise 😄

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I too have gained weight but I know my diet has been really poor: I have been eating everything in sight and knowing all along that ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’! I’m not suggesting this is you, but it has really struck me that I have ignored my food intake, so now is the time for me to keep the running routine ticking along and re-focus on my diet again. My point is, running alone won’t lose pounds, but in conjunction with a healthy, sensible diet, it should do. It’s finding the balance between re-fuelling and healthy that I think is challenging. I bet your shape has changed?!

I didn't gain weight on the 9 weeks but I didn't really start to lose any weight till about week 8 onwards, it's those 30 minute runs that really help with the weight loss (obviously I kept going after graduation)

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