Weight training

Weight training

So, I've put on about half a stone over the last six weeks, and most of that in the last fortnight I think. I'm ashamed of myself!

However, I've found a silver lining to the cloud. Until I lose it again - and I'm back on the healthy eating as of this morning - my running will effectively include lugging this around with me. Some people buy expensive wrist and ankle weights to increase the workout of a run. I have no need of them... :)


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16 Replies

  • I am sure you will soon lose that extra weight.

  • Same here think I've put on 6lbs . I'm sure yesterday it was only 4 ? Where did the extra 2lbs come from.

    Anyway I imagine it as bags of sugar. I can see it is stored in the belly . But doesn't look like 6lbs. Then what's worse is I imagine it is a baby that could weight 6lbs ! I'm definitely not pregnant !

    So I'm rationing the mince pies. The Christmas pudding that was left over form last year will have to wait another year or have it as an "Easter Pudding".

    It's definitely slowing me down. So got to discipline myself (carrot and stick time) at least until New Year park run on Sunday. If my time is better than 35 minutes (last recorded on my park run 2 weeks ago) then I will have my reward of mince pie (or 2).

    Happy running !

  • I always thing of it as bags of sugar strapped around my middle too! I have had a firm word with myself and cut out all goodies and the general carb overload that winter tempts us into, since yesterday. Back on salad. Kind of weird food for December but I know it will do the trick

  • you will soon run that off... puts it into perspective doesnt it?!!

  • You are not alone I bet!

  • I daren't get on the scales but definitely feel quite lardy at the moment. New Year's resolution is to cut down on sugar. No chocolate, boo hoo :( but maybe that will shift some of my flab.

  • I am scared to get on the scales, dread to think what I'm lugging about 😛

  • Don't beat yourself up over having enjoyed your food over the Christmas break - you spent all year running, whereas a lot of the people who aren't feeling guilty didn't. I'll be doing Dry January again this year - it's surprising how many empty calories booze brings in, particularly if you like nibbles with your beer like I do.

  • Oh Anne, you will get the weight off. I have about 6lb to lose as well, let's motivate each other! I have enjoyed our Christmas foods too much, time to cut back!

  • Great photo Anne. I'm sure I've put on more than that being on the IC still, but I have tried not to overindulge too much because I can't run yet. Still, I'm going to have a go at Dry January too, hopefully it will be a success! 😊

  • Snap! About half a stone on in December. My only thought is that it if went on so quickly, it'll go quickly too ....

  • Haha if only!

  • If I remember right last year you carried round 5 times that amount😉

    It's Christmas time - I think having wee indulgent breaks to enjoy eating with family & friends is totally appropriate. It's what you outside the special occasions that matters!

    (Does that sound like I'm justifying all the cream & chocolate I've enjoyed?? And I've no intention of going anywhere near scales till at least the end of January!)

  • I did get on the scales yesterday and I'm eating salad today as a consequence but I really did endulge myself in December

  • I've got a 3lb increase over Holliday period of 4 weeks, change of diet and being really busy but getting back on track now. Last year this would of been a nightmare, this year with weight watchers no count help it's just a blip, makes such a difference to feel in control.

  • I think there will always be times when we put on a bit of weight and the trick is to intervene when it is just a bit of an increase before it gets out of hand. I'm in the same boat, feeling heavier and tackling it

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