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Gaining it back, and slowing down

Help... I've gained back 14.8 pounds of the 52 pounds I've lost. I haven't been running, and I've lost all motivation and determination. I don't know why. I really WANT to run, but every time I look at the treadmill I get an excuse, something else I need to do. And eating? Chocolate, Junk, bread, junk, chips... I'm self sabotaging. I need some words of encouragement, how can I get back at this? Should I start from week 1? Start from the middle? I have a race (5K) on Fathers Day (US) June 18, and I'm afraid I wont be ready.. Words of advise?

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I don't let myself have my evening meal after work until after I run so unless I get on and run I am starving!! Works for me.


Right, stop right there. You've gained nearly 15 lbs, but you've still lost over 37 lbs - and that is a huge achievement. You also did c25k successfully - another huge achievement. When did you stop running? 2 weeks ago, a month ago? You'll be surprised at how fit you still are. I would suggest you go and surprise yourself by finding out. Just get on that treadmill for 20 mins. Do 2x 10 mins if you have difficulty - but just do something before you slip back into old ways. Then set up a routine and stick to it - this is more important than any other excuse you can think up. This is for you - and you know you can do it! Good luck and let us know what you're doing. There are a lot more people on here who can kick harder than me😈


No easy way to say this mate , take a good look in the mirror and give yourself a mental slap . Remind yourself with looking at why you started the running in the 1st place ? how was you feeling about yourself and everything every one else around you pre the running ? once you started the running did you start to feel better about things and life in general ? If so what more motivation do you need ? 52lb in english money is nearly 4 stones and 14lbs is only one of those , you've done well it ain't more mate . motivation don't just happen by itself some times you've just got to suck it up and get on with it . You still have a month before the date to get it sorted ,its up to you , how bad do you want it ? want it bad enough , you will get it . you just get on with it fella everyone has set backs , we are all in the same boat , we just got here different ways.

just so you know im

55yrs old

ex smoker [40+ a day]

ex pot head

ex drinker supreme

ex glutton [ i could eat a horse and his brother]

EX fat boy [ ok instead of 18st 7lb im now 16st 12lb] . 23lb since february in your money


Dont beat yourself up , dust your self down , get those trainers and shorts on, put one leg in front of the other and get it cracked .

good luck


We can offer you advice til the cows come home, but you know that the only person who can make you continue on the journey, that you have successfully started, is YOU

I started running aged 57 to try to stave off the inevitable physical decline of advancing years and to try to avoid the illness and disease associated with inactivity that was afflicting so many of my peers. Heart disease, diabetes and a whole raft of other life limiting conditions, are exacerbated by being overweight and inactive, as I am sure you know. By quitting the crap food and becoming physically active you can reduce the risk of those conditions and start to live. Four years on I am generally healthier and fitter than ever in my life. It is your choice. There is no inevitability about those conditions and let's face it, something is going to kill us all, but we can decide to load the odds of a happy and healthy life by just a few simple actions.

It is your choice. If you can't shift your ass to save your life, then why should we care...............


Don't buy junk then you can't eat it.

For running, just try. If you've not run for a couple of weeks, you can probably go back to what you did on your last run. Otherwise I think W4 is a good place to start. Or do 1 x W1, 1 x W2 etc until you get to a run that is "tough" and do that whole week (or until you to W5 which you should do the whole of anyway).

To be honest, I think I'd also find something else to do instead of running on a treadmill. It has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever.

Step out your door and run. Look at the grass, flowers, trees, birds. Count lamp posts or blue cars. So many options (obviously some are preferable to others) but the beauty of running outside is that it's never the same twice.

And NO, nobody's going to stare at you or think you're too fat to run. You're running and if they are also a runner then they'll support you. And if they aren't a runner, they'll admire you or feel guilty that you're out there and they're not, or they just plain won't notice or care.


You've made a massive change to your fitness and health by losing weight already. So you've slipped back into old habits. Nothing unusual, you're not the first or last to find themselves in this situation, so don't beat yourself up, just move on. Promise yourself that today, for just one day, you'll eat healthily and do a run. Don't think about how many days or weeks it'll take to get back to where you were - that might seem overwhelming or even impossible right now (although we know it's not). Just deal with today, then deal with tomorrow when it comes. A few days in you'll feel so much better about yourself. You can do this, you've done it before, so you can do it again. Good luck!


stop indulging yourself and get out there and kick some ass!

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Everyone.. THANK YOU. Each of these responses are awesome, and I appreciate them all. I will do my best to get out of the dumpster and back on the track. Keep you informed! 😉


...and forget the treadmill - get outside! Running outside will help boost your vitamin D intake, it is SO much more interesting than running on a treadmill. Start slow! It will be tougher than treadmill running, but you will gain more from it.

...and if you have one locally, get along to your local parkrun. :)

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I eat terribly and have always done. I have quite severe selective eating disorder and combating it isn't as simple as people saying "grow up" and "cut the sh*t" it isn't that simple. I hadnt eaten a vegetable in over 30 years and only now am I taking dolly steps with help. And this year I've just completed C25k and I wouldn't of dreamt of it a year ago.

It takes 21 days to develop a habit but much quicker to break it and go to square 1 if you have a slump. You really need to dig deep. If you can get out there and run when you feel your worst then you've won half the battle. You know you can do it. You donf need scare tactics, you just have to believe in yourself. This forum gave me that belief. So many of us didn't think they could do it but watch us now! Go go go


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