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1st post graduation run 🏃‍♀️

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Managed to run 5k for the first time, W9R3 was 4.2k so I thought I’d just go for it so surprise myself a little but. Took it really slow and completed in 41.15 mins. park run here I come next week

6 Replies
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Well done. If you only do that once this week and keep your other two runs to 30 minutes you’ll stay within the ten percent rule and avoid the risk of overtraining. It’s surprising how much further you can go just by slowing down a little. Enjoy parkrun :)

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EralarGraduate in reply to ArthurJG

That’s such good advice, and will fit in nicely with the park run next Saturday

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ArthurJGGraduate in reply to Eralar

The ten percent rule means ten percent of your distance for the week. Sounds like you did about 12k in week 9 (3 runs around 4k each) so 10% of that is 1.2k. There are two parts to the rule: NEITHER your longest run NOR your weekly distance should increase by more than that. You’ve increased your longest run by 0.8k. If you keep your other runs about the same as last week, that means your total weekly distance will also increase by 0.8 k which is just about right when the maximum is 1.2k.

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Magic ! Well chuffed for you Eralar ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Well done Eralar...reaching that 5k mark feels good doesn't it!😊x

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EralarGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

It feels awesome

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