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1st post graduation run & 1st treadmill run


So I went to the gym today and did my 1st treadmill run. The main reason was that I need to get new shoes - my old trainers saw me through the programme, but now at longer running times I'm getting sore insteps. Not having run on a treadmill before, I wanted to practise it before going to the scary running shop where they'll want to 'analyse my gait' and I wanted to make sure that I actually could run on said treadmill. So I plugged into the c25k+ podcast called 'stepping stones'. I think it was quite good though I actually couldn't hear it very well against the loudish gym music. Anyway, after about 20 minutes I accidentally pulled the lead out of my phone, the phone fell off its perch onto the treadmill and scooted off onto the floor behind me.... I kept going and the gym manager kindly picked it up and gave it back. Next, at about 25 minutes, by swinging my arms I managed to push the emergency 'stop' button on the treadmill. Oops. Again I managed not to fall over. So I have to say that I much prefer running outside, and will continue doing that unless it gets really cold, wet and windy. Next stop the scary running shop!

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Lol that made me chuckle. I cant manage the treadmill thing at all so the running shop gait analysis thing is a bit of a torture. I cant seem to coordinate myself when I am thinking about running. I much prefer the open road. Hope you find some lovely new running shoes!

Joy57Graduate in reply to Aldlib

Thanks, I feel just the same


Oh don't worry about the running shop I've just been a few weeks ago & I was on treadmill but not running just at a good walking pace😊they were really good & omg the benefit of my new trainers was amazing!! I was only up to week 3 when I went & just below my inside knee was really sore & I couldn't believe the difference I've no pain & on week7 run 2 on Friday! Only thing that upset me a little was I came home & trainers I bought which were expensive!! Were a lot!!!! Cheaper on Internet!! So I suppose if you have the nerve to get checked find the right trainers go on line!!! However they took a lot of time sorting me with the right trainers and all the benefits have helped me get over the price😂😂😂well worth & you deserve the best😊 keep up the good work👍

Scruffy64Graduate in reply to Pc59

snap, same thing happened to me, bloomin' expensive shoes, but they are right for my shockingly flat feet!!!😃


Thanks that's really encouraging. If I get good service anywhere I don't mind paying for it - we need to keep our specialist shops going


I agree and they were really helpful & pleasant & encouraging. I got speaking to another lady who also told me about local park runs so fair looking forward to joining them when I'm a bit more experienced😂😂


LOL! We must have been separated at birth! That is exactly the kind fo things that I manage to do :) Glad you did not damage yourself too badly though :)

Joy57Graduate in reply to Irish-John

No damage at all. Next run will be on the canal towpath though.....


Lord that made me laugh! Sounds like an episode of Miranda :-D Don't forget it's obligatory to post a pic of any shiny new shoes! Oh, and check where the treadmill is in the running shop before you go (when I went it was in the shop window)!

Joy57Graduate in reply to McFitty

Miranda is tall and gangly. I have no excuse - 5ft 2 and 130lb. Just unco-ordinated


I had the same problem on my post graduation run. I kept knocking the safety switch off which stopped the treadmill! Very annoying when it happens.

I do love my treadmill but I have been neglecting her recently and done more running outside.

When the nasty weather comes I will be back in her warm embrace though.

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