1st run post graduation

I had planned a lovely long run this morning without the ipod, but it was not to be. Instead my hubby led me astray last night with anniversary vino, and a big plate of cheese. I could not resist even though I knew it would knock my running ability.

So instead of getting in the car and driving to the local beauty spot this morning I ended up cramming in the Stepping Stones podcast before work. I thought it would be an utter disaster. After all I had a hangover, and really didn't feel like running. Just shows how wrong you can be.

It was great to be listening to Laura again, and I really enjoyed the music. So upbeat for a Sunday morning. I thought the pace was going to be hard as I felt out of breath in the warm up but once I got going it felt about right. In fact everything felt right, the pace, the music, my body. Dare I tempt fate and say I actually found todays run easy? Maybe it was my post graduation high, or maybe the red C25K graduation t-shrit I was sporting. Either way I wish every run was that enjoyable.

I am a bit worried though. I only have one more run before I'm away with work for a few days. It will be longest I've gone without running since July. I can't run while away and I'm scared I fall off the running wagon.

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  • Ha ha, someone a couple of days ago said they'd had an easier time running with a hangover. Maybe we all need a touch more vino!

  • Not sure I'd recommend it. It took all my power just to get out the door, lol

  • Your hubby sounds simply the best!

    And you ran with a hangover and work afterwards...you're simply the best too!

  • He is, though he's supposed to helping me do this not tempting me to the dark side ;-)

  • Ha Anna, I too, have just written about finding today's run 'easy'. It must be catching! ;-)

    Well done finding Stepping Stones easy and running with a hangover!

  • Wow1 That sounds like such a good run. Well done. Something tells me you are NOT going to fall of that running wagon at all. I've got a funny feeling!

  • Wow! Maybe I should have me a glass or two of vino before my run today! Great news that you had a great run!

  • Weird isn't it? The runs you don't expect to go well (I.e. with a hangover) often seem to go fine, whereas sometimes when you set out feeling energetic and positive it goes horribly wrong.... Well done for getting out there (with a day at work ahead too). I enjoyed Stepping Stones too, was pleasantly surprised. I don't think you need worry about going away and having a break from running, your body will have a good rest and be ready for your next run after you get back (or could you take your kit with you?). I think you are hooked now, like we all are!

  • Fab post, well done!

    I too am the proud owner of a red C25k t shirt but decided against wearing it on my 10k race today as my race number obscured the logo AND more to point I needed long sleeves it was so flippin cold and wet!

  • I put a thin long sleeved base layer underneath it. I'm not sure if that's an acceptable running outfit but I can't wait till good weather to wear it.

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