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1st run post graduation

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1st run since I graduated on Sunday and I hit that lovely 5k! Started my run happy just to plod along for 30 minutes - mum came out with me we were running along and having a catch up and before we knew it the time had passed on by, it had been 45 minutes and 5k! Slow and steady just pleased I got there 😊

5 Replies
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The best way, happily plodding:-)

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Well done - it’s not the time that matters ... it’s that you did it. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

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How nice that you can run with your mum. I am going to do a park run with mine in August.

Congrats on hitting 5K running

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Spurrr7Graduate in reply to backintime

I'm lucky, both my parents and my brother and sister are runners. So I'm not shy of company - I was just a late starter 😂

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Spurrr7

Better late than never !

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