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3 score and 10 cries "Whey Hay, Laura says I'm a runner!"


Completed W6r3 this morning and feel so god about it. Was more than a bit nervous beforehand, it seemed a large step up but once again Laura was right. I can't praise the app enough for making what seemed initially too much, doable. For all those apprehensive souls, like me, take heart it really works, especially with the many positive messages and words of encouragement that people offer to the community. Thanks to you all.

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In case you're wondering I meant to type "good".

ArthurJGGraduate in reply to Oldishrunner

You can edit posts if you make a mistake. Click 'more' under the post and one of the options is 'edit'.

Brilliantly done!! It feels sooo good to be called so by Laura, doesn’t it? 😊💪Although you already were officially an (Oldish)runner before she told you so!! 😂


Well done smashing the 25 min run! You have the rest in in the bag for sure :)


Great run... now you got this... enjoy week 7

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