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Laura says I'm a runner!


Finished W6R3 yesterday and was so chuffed to hear Laura say that. Wasn't expecting it until week 9. It's taken me 14 weeks to get to get to finish W6 due to various setbacks involving snow, needing to do week 1 3 times to finish, injured toe (nothing to do with running - fell over the piano stool) and giving blood but I now feel I will get to W9 which is amazing to me. Never been fit in my life, spend most of my school days devising ways of getting out of games (hence piano) and couldn't run for 1 min at the start. Realised yesterday that I am not even puffing and panting on my runs anymore tho legs still get very tired. I have also been quite stiff in the mornings after a run and I think stretching is what is needed. Any advice on what to do most welcome.

I do really envy the person who has developed a craving for lettuce. Wish I could say the same and it would be nice if the weight dropped off. It hasn't but my clothes are definitely looser and hubby actually commented that I had toned up! I've been stalking the site for a while but this is my first blog. All the comments and tips have been great and really encouraged me to get this far, so thanks all!

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Fantastic! Well done on completing W6. :) Iam on W7R2 tomorrow so very close to you. Its great that you are not puffing any more - Iam! i have not lost weight either but I know why! However my bodyshape has greatly improved too! You have really dug in over those 14 weeks to get where you are. :D


Well done you. When Laura tells you that you're a runner it's such a great feeling. :)


You are a runner! And if you can complete week 6, you can complete the 30 minutes. It is a great feeling when she says you're a runner and it just gets better. Well done you :)

Great going, Pingle! I'm behind you...W5R1 today...isn't being a runner a wonderful feeling? Such a confidence builder...see? Brought you out of "lurk" mode! Keep us updated on your progress!


Glad you've stopped stalking ! :-)

Well done, you're doing brilliantly !

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