Laura says I'm officially a runner now!

I've got to say that "runner" is a bit of an exaggeration! I've today managed W6R3 and even shuffled along a tiny tiny bit more quickly for the last 60 seconds just like Laura suggested. I was painfully slow (OK Oldfloss I know .....) but I made it. I never thought I would. I'm now mixing my C25K with a local running club: the balancing act between the two gets a bit crazy but I'm almost afraid to admit that I think I'm starting to enjoy it.


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14 Replies

  • Steady.... enjoy is such strong word :)

    Well done David... and I am not even going to say anything... :)

    Too much being bandied around here at the moment about speed !

    Except I will say.. that my run this morning.. the first in a week since crocking my that WAS slow... and I have to say..blooming marvellous!

    You are doing amazingly my friend :)


    Admit nothing... ever :)

  • That's fantastic news!! Keep on keeping on.... slow and steady wins the race :)

  • You run therefore you're a runner. Well done David. Your persistence has paid off.

  • yippee , your a runner ... if laura says it it must be true !

  • A run is a run , nuff sed

  • Well done! I've got to admire your persistence! What an inspiration - I've just read back through some of your older posts, because I thought I might have got you mixed up with someone else. But no, I was right - is this really the guy who nearly gave up 3 months ago? Well, he's got the same name, but what a difference in attitude! I am so glad it's working for you, finally.

  • Yes, this really is my FOURTH attempt to get through C25K. The very first time round (back in December 2016) I had to do two weeks of pre-C25K preparation to be able to do W1R1 at all. I've never got to week 7 before! Week 7's doing three more times what I managed today, so I'm feeling exhausted already just thinking about it but quite hopeful. I'm also now running once a week with a local running club beginners group and have so far run (well mostly walked) three slow Parkruns. I'm still incredibly slow and although I know all about the mantra on this forum about "slow and steady and even slower still" one thing hasn't changed from all those older posts of mine ... I don't cut myself much slack and want to speed up! I've managed only two runs that I've actually enjoyed so far, but hey that's progress!! Thanks to everyone for the support, I definitely wouldn't have kept going without you all ... please don't give up on me now, I still need you. Getting to the end of C25K for me from here will take me more than the three weeks the programme theoretically says because I want to fit in my local running club and some Parkruns. My posts may therefore be a bit more spaced out but I will be reporting back on this forum.

  • Don't worry, we won't give up on you now👍🏃

  • You don't get rid of us that easily... :)x

  • Thats great news David.😊Both the running for 25 mins and the enjoyment factor!!

    Laura is right...sounds like you ARE a runner now.😄xx

  • Unless you are a "20 to 30 something" don't compare yourself with a "20 to 30 something" (or even a 40 something!). Personally I started this running programme in my near to mid 50s, I'm slightly overweight as I'm slightly too fond of a glass (or three) of wine and carbs. Until the last couple of months, my exercise regime has consisted mainly of a bit of yoga and a 4-5 mile walk now and then. Fortunately I'm not a smoker and I've no major health problems. So! not in the worst health but far from being any kind of athlete. Whilst I would love to be running like a gazelle in its prime, I am very much a product of the above and I accept that. I feel you should let up and be kind to yourself davidhwynn ... even if just a little bit. Onwards and upwards... get this thing done! and blooming well enjoy it :)

  • Good on you mate. I really admire your persistence and spirit. Keep us posted :)

  • I remember that moment- when Laura told me I was runner! Such a special moment, I went into the house and told my husband! "I'm a runner now, Laura said so!" Congratulations, you runner you!

  • Thank you ... yes special, but I have to say I don't think I am quite yet. Getting more hopeful that I just might be one day though.

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