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Laura says I'm "officially a runner"

Headed out yesterday not sure what to expect after my last run. But had made up my mind to go for the 25 mins (with thanks to all who posted words of encouragement). I know I didn't run as fast as I could have but the point of yesterday's run was to complete it.

I set off at an easy pace and knew I could do it from the start, it felt right yesterday and I was feeling better. Not even the hail stones that decided to come down with the rain could put me off!!

I felt fantastic when I finished it and even better when Laura said I was a runner now! I kept smiling to myself and even got a smile from another runner (though she was super fit and going at a great pace, one day that will be me I hope).

Roll on wk 7 tomorrow but eek not long to go til I graduate.

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Well done you!!! Isn't it great when you get to be "officially a runner" Woohoo moment and big smiley face for you!!!


Oh well done :-) I'm a run behind you - I can't wait for Laura to tell me that too! So pleased that it went well for you :-)


Well done indeed. :)


Yes well done....something to be proud of.

Good luck with the rest of the programme...


Be proud, you've come an amazingly long way already :)


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