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W4 R1


Well I was a doubting Thomas even after the first 3 weeks. All day yesterday I was telling myself it’s ok if I can’t run for 5 minutes, if it takes me a few go’s I’m not going to get dis-heartened. When I did the final 5 minute run of last night R1 of W4 I was jumping up and down I was so made up I did it . This has been such a good goal for me the last 10 months I have been so focused on weight loss ( over 4 stone now!). Roll on R2 on Friday.

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Wow! Well done!! This is so me, I’m 2 runs into week 3 now so also have this in my mind: your post is really encouraging 👍🏃‍♂️


Good for you isn't it great when you can run for 5 minutes non stop when you first thought 60 seconds was hard . Good for you😊😊

I did my first wk 4 run today and I felt exactly the same as you. I was soaked through because of the rain but I didn't care because I was so pleased with myself. I never would have thought it at wk 1 that I'd actually be able to run for 5 minutes. It's getting serious now.

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