W4 (almost) r1

W4 (almost) r1

Ok, I hadn't realised how warm it was out there until I was already committed to going for my run. Without FluffyDog this time - just as well as she'd have hated the heat!

Knowing how much my knee has suffered in the last going straight from w3 to w4, I'm planning on doing an intermediate week (or two) again, so was intending to do something along the lines of 2 min, 4 min twice rather than 3 min, 5 min twice. As I started running I decided that I might as well do the full 3 minute segments, since that's just the same as the previous week, and use the 5 min segments to give the flexibility I wanted. So off I went.

First 3 mins - up the big hill out of the village! Got to the top just as Laura said to walk. Phew! A short walk then we were off again. It all felt good, and was on a very gentle downhill slope, so I decided that 2.5 mins would be good. But just as Laura said we were half way through (I.e. At the point I was going to stop), the end of the road was just a tiny way ahead. So another 30 seconds running got me there.

Next 3 min run was all fine - with a nice bit of going down the hill I'd started with, then a gentle walk into the fields. Final run started, still feeling good - although rather warm! - so I decided I'd see how I felt and just stop running when I'd had enough. Half time came and went; another minute came and went, 'nearly there' said Laura - and then that was it - I'd run the whole five minutes!

And then it struck me that it was probably the last chance I'll have to run here, as we're moving next week and I might well be staying at the new house from Tuesday as it's so much more convenient for work! So to commemorate it, here's a pic so you can all see my running patch for the last five years. This is where it started for me, and I'm going to miss it! The line of trees on the horizon is along the lane that I run up. Funny how it doesn't look much of a hill at all from this angle! 🙄😊


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8 Replies

  • Wow! Well done, you did better than you thought, I hope I will be the same next week, lovely picture!

  • Gorgeous no wonder you'll miss it. Well done on getting out there, moving house is one of life's biggest stressful events, so to be out running during that - respect!

  • It's a good excuse to escape the madness for half an hour! ;) But yes, the stress has hit recently, and we've spent the last week clearing, sorting, giving away, taking stuff to charity shops, the tip, anywhere we can get rid of it! 😖 I'm hoping that I'll manage a run or two over the next week, just to keep a bit of headspace for myself. I've been off work for 4 weeks out of the last 5, but will be horribly busy once I'm back in the office on Tuesday - and evenings will be unpacking until late. Not looking forward to it at this point!

  • Praying that the move goes well for you all.

    Will the junior RC's have to move to a new school?

  • We're only moving about 6 miles, so the teens are staying put - just as well, as the older one will be taking her GCSEs next summer.

  • Yep.... it does... it is sloping up... I recognise a hill when I see one!!!

    It looks beautiful and I can see why you will miss it ! Well done you and hope the move goes well!

    New running adventures beckon :)

  • Thank you! Every time we've been to the new house in the last week I've been thinking 'ooh maybe I can try running *here*, or *there*' - there are definitely options. And hills look like being a thing of the past - hooray! ;) (Actually there's a big hill close enough I'll be able to incorporate it if I ever feel the need to, but mostly it's very flat. That'll make a nice change!)

  • Great run, fantastic 👍 hope the move goes well and you find time for a run with work and unpacking! 😬

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