W4 R1

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for a while so thought I'd give you a little update.

W3 was really quite good😀 I took to evening running ( under cover of darkness😂) I was worried about the longer runs so my reasoning was ....if I did pass someone they wouldn't be able to see just how unfit I am🙄 Anyway, it worked out well and I found I really enjoyed that half an hour of ' me time' on an evening😀

W4 R1 ( yesterday )

Having ' just' managed the 3 minute runs I wasn't brimming with confidence about running for 5😱. And I couldn't go on the evening🙄.

So.... 2 choices either leave it a day or man up😂 I manned up!

It was truly the first time I thought I was going to fai.....sorry, practice run😂😂😂

The first 3 minutes came and knowing I'd done it two days ago spurred me on, heavy legs but did it👍

Now, I knew that it was 3 then 5 repeated but how did I miss 90 seconds walking???? Before I knew it our lovely Laura was telling me to run😳 Well, like a good student off I trot.

After what seemed like at least another 3 and repeatedly glancing at my watch, exhausted with concrete calves up she pipes... You're half way there!!! WHAT???? That's when you lot kicked in😉 Ok, I thought, half way is half way, a few weeks ago 1 minute was torture, you CAN do this.

Sooo I slowed down a bit, thought about my breathing and for the first time I think I found a bit of rhythm 😀😀😀 . The last two minutes where spent enjoying my surroundings, snowdrops popping up, birds going about their business and what a beautiful frosty morning it was😀

After that there was no way I wasn't going to succeed! Next 3, no problem. Next 5 was hard again but with all the advice from here in my head and no clock watching I just enjoyed it!!!

You couldn't get the smile off my face😀 I even said out loud 'you did it!'

Sorry for the novel, well done if you got this far, if you did then week 4 will be a breeze😂😂😂

Good luck 🌶


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10 Replies

  • Well done, you did it :D You have to love the little quips Laura comes out with.

  • Thank you, and don't you? She said have you recovered? After 90 blooming seconds I don't think so Mrs ! 😂

  • Lol I said something very similar ;)

  • Lol, sounds like a really good run. Well done for remembering the support of everyone here, cheering you on ;) You're making brilliant progress, and we're right there by your side :)

  • Thank you RainbowC , without you lot twittering in my ear, even louder than the local crows, thrushes and blackbirds I wonder if I'd have managed😉

    One thing kept going through my head...... One foot in front of the other!

    How simple, but how true🌶

  • great stuff 😁

  • One of my moments was in week 2, when Sarah Millican said "well done flower" I felt she was talking personally to me and I almost welled up as it had been quite tough. Sweet lol...But yeah "Have you recovered? " What a silly question...In the style of Mr Roy..."Recovered? My arse!"

  • Thank you MotherPip, it really makes a difference though, the words of wisdom on this site, new and old, got me through☺️

    I've got an idea for a new post😉

  • Welk done Jalapenolover101 😊.

    Week 4 was my favourite week. At the time my hubby was having knee pain, so was resting, getting gait analysis and the correct shoes so I was repeating week 4 for a few weeks while I waited for him. We were doing the program together. I can remember thinking 'even if I don't get any further in the plan I CAN do this,' and I was really pleased. I feel sure that doing this run so many times was helpful in building my stamina. By the time I went onto Week 5 I was full of confidence with that 5 min run.

    So, Good luck with R2, you sound determined and that positive attitude will get you through it. Take the start of the run nice and slow, and enjoy the feeling of success at the end...

    By the way Week 5 is brilliant too!😊

  • Thank you, good to know you enjoyed w5 😀

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