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W4, R1 Complete

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So I did it, ran through a winter Wonderland, nearly fell on my ass loads of times but I didn't mind because I was the only person out LOL. I did feel abit more tired doing this run but not sure if it was the run or my medical issues.

Done & dusted, bring on Friday for R3. Oh yes!!!!

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Great job... it’s damn cold out there! Could have been the run that was harder or the drop in temperature, maybe the medical issues... but... you did it so it doesn’t matter what made it tough, you were tougher! Enjoy that next one.

Thanks ☺

Blimey we’ll done you! 🙌 I was defeated today by the weather! Will try Saturday now...x

Thank you.

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Well done you ⭐️

Thank you

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Yeah well done! Fully expecting to do fall done last few runs... so far so good.

It’s so nice when no one around!

It's so nice when no one is around. I had my headphones on singing my head off out loud lol

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to GreenGirl89

So cool 😎🎧🎼

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Well done, total commitment! 🙌🏻

☺ Thanks. Also did pole fit aswell this evening so I'm super aching now 🙊

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