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App voice-over not functioning


I completed my first run this morning, but despite having 33GB storage on my phone, when I select my preferred trainer an error comes up telling me I need at least 100MB to run it. So I had to do the run whilst checking my phone for the countdown, and the screen was hard to see with the outdoor light, so a bit of a drag. Any ideas?!

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Try force closing the app and rebooting the device. How much free storage do you have?

Good job on the run.

Crikey47Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you! I did what Buddy34 suggested and it worked. Thanks for your help anyway. X


I had this problem as well what I did was pick a different trainer then go back and change it to the trainer you prefer don't know why the app does this

Crikey47Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Yay, that worked, thank you so much! Hopefully she'll actually start talking when I do my next run! 😊

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