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App Kept Shutting Down

So, went on my first run, and on the whole it was pretty enjoyable, but really hard. What didn't help was that the app kept shutting down! Each time I thought the session, either the walk or run, had been too long I checked my phone to see the app had completely shut down. I had to start it each time and skip forward to the correct run or walk.

Anyone else had this problem?

I'm using Android and was listening to Spotify.

Thanks, in anticipation for your help.

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Congratulations on starting C25K, glad you enjoyed it, as for the app, I found it the other way around and decided that if I have any music on, I would just listen to the radio while the C25K app was instructing me on my run, Spotify kept cutting out, not the app.

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Thanks for this. I'll try another app to listen to music, see if that solves it.

Thanks again

Hi mflfc, congratulations on your first run!!!!!👏👏👏 Certainly it is not good to keep going for longer than necessary 🥵🥵. I have never used the app, I use the podcasts instead and I have never had an issue with them, plus Laura is awesome as coach!!! They include a music track that changes each week, so the downside is that you cannot choose your own playlist. But they can be an alternative if you cannot solve the glitch worth the app. Here it is the link:

Happy running!!

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I wasn't aware there were podcasts, so I'll give these a try too.

Many thanks

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It seems that you have to follow these directions ( copied from couch to 5 k one you app)

Time left


***Start your music now,

then tap Go to begin your run!


Dont ask me why it makes a difference when you start your music, but it does☺

It worked for me!

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I also had problems with the app and switched to the NHS Couch 2 5K podcasts instead. It was much easier. Enjoy your running.

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