Not happy with app!

Not happy with app!

Just did my 4th post grad run, ran later than usual for a day off as had an early drive at 4 this morning! Was planning 5 k but endomondo was set to 6 k so I decided I'd take my time and try another 6, managed ok ,bit warmer than I've been used to but did it in just over 41 minutes without too much effort. Stopped endomondo and it had recorded my splits, which I took a screen shot of, and then on the history it said I had done 4.7 k in 27 minutes and was partially uploaded! I know I did the 6 (same route as before) but am really annoyed it is not saved in my phone as I can't quite escape the feeling that it didn't happen if I don't have full evidence! Have the screen shot luckily but still annoyed with both the app and my dependence on tech! The splits are now recorded in the app as only a 4 k run...


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  • That's really annoying. Can you log it manually?

  • I added a note when it asked how was my workout, but don't think I can do anything else? and I know it doesn't matter but its still annoying!

  • That sucks....ย 

  • just checked my history again and it now says I have done 2 4.3 km runs! 1 at 12.29 and 1 at 12.55!? Now instead of feeling cheated I feel like a cheat!!

  • Hey well done on the 6k man! A similar thing happened to me once where the gps got lost and it looked like I had run through an entire street of houses doing only half the distance. Dont worry about it though as long as you know how you did and eventually you wont realy care what time you run. I sometimes found it helpful to not bother with the gps for some runs just to go at my own pace. And you did 6K well done, better than Wk1Run1 !!

  • thanks! Logically I know that, but still annoyed!

  • Technology is a male thing which is why it screws up every so often, just to keep us on our toes and makes us more grateful when it behaves!

  • Hmmm tech failures are the right pain in the ass !!ย 

  • Aaw, I know heavyhorse, technology let you down...but your legs didn't. Its happened to me too. ( I havenโ€™t done 6k though I hasten to add)

    You know you did we know you did it...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Your screen grab says it all.

    Well done great work, a lot of effort we know. xx

  • thanks !

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