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Distance with Map My Run app

I've been using this app on my phone recently and have to set to km to keep track of my runs. Today I was quite surprised that I had only ran 3.7km in 35mins, when my last run was 3.2km in 22mins. I did take it easier today as I knew my route was longer (from my grannys nursing home to my home) and still having ankle trouble.

When I click on routes it brings up todays run saying:

'3.70km run/jog on May 4,...

4.47km Belfast'

I just mapped it myself and got 4.5k, has anyone else come across this issue using this app?

I will be swapping to a new app I guess! I have an android phone, Endomondo has trouble picking up gps for some reason, so I think that might leave me with Run Keeper which I haven't tried yet? Any other recommendations?

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I use map my run on the computer when I get back from a run. I have found it accurate up till now. Don't know about using the app, as don't have a phone with apps.

Have you tried comparing the app version of your run with the website version on your computer.?


Hi Burstcouch,

I was using the website on my compute before I got a phone that could use the app, but the past couple of runs went back and mapped my run using the website two. One I accidently didn't save so wanted to record my distance, then yesterday I knew the distance must have been wrong according to the app...or the fact that it gives two distances, which I noticed before, but always went with the top one because that;s the one it uses for your 'stats'.

I'm still miffed!


Both myself and my boyfriend have been using 'Runtastic' and have found it really good so far. A few of the routes he has run he did in the car first to check the calculations and they have been pretty much spot on. It is free too.


Thanks Gems, I'll check that one out too :)


Hi found another useful site with GPs app



I use the micoach app on my iPhone and it's been accurate, I only know because I run the same course all the time.


I've been using Map My Run on a Samsung Galaxy, but found the distances were completely wrong. My usual 4K run was 6.5K the other day! When I looked at the map, the route was all over the place. I'm afraid I have succumbed and bought a Garmin Wrist Forerunner 210 yesterday. Tried it out today, and it is very accurate. The guy in the shop said mobiles use phone masts to navigate which makes the routes less accurate. Sometimes in built up areas, where there are more mobile masts, the GPS works better.

You could always create your own route online on the MapmyRun website.


Not entirely true about the phone mast information. A lot of phones do - but nearly all smart phones have a dedicated GPS chip in them these days.

I guess its a case of a GPS watch being dedicated to the job it was given while phones are trying to be a jack of all trades, master of none.


I have had exactly the same 𝙿problem not sure how to put it right though


I never had a problem with it but I moved to Strava now anyway as it’s more sociable 👍🏽


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