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Should I repeat week 6 or move on?


After a really bad week 6 run 2, I planned to have a two day rest and go back to repeat week 6 from the start. When it came to it, I put on week 6 run 2 on the podcast but ran straight through, doing 28 mins. When I say run, more a slow jog but I didn't stop. It was hard though but I felt I wanted to do it without walking . Not sure now whether to go back and repeat week 6 or plough on and do week 7? Strange, I was so elated to do the 20 min run in week 5 and was full of running at the end but felt quite flat today- probably because it was also much more of a slog.

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Well as you have done 3 minutes more than week 6 run 3 required, I would say week 6 is ticked off.

Move on to week 7, but stick to the run times, they are planned to increase stamina and reduce the risks of injury

Enjoy your progress 🤩


The latter weeks can seem like a slog.

Running for twenty minutes was a one off, but now you have to adjust mentally to longer runs, up to the end of the programme.

Look for distraction, either in your environment or with music or podcasts.

I used to do a running commentary of my run. What I could see, hear and feel as I ran.

You may need to slow your pace as duration increases.

As for repeating, that is up to you, but if you have completed the runs, you are ready to move on.

Well done.

In a few weeks time you will look back and wonder why it was so difficult.

RubyTigerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Many thanks- I have only just found this forum and I am finding it so helpful, particularly your post on general guidance for those starting off. I wish I had found it earlier! Have just posted it to a friend who is struggling, thanks again.


Sounds to me like you just slayed week 6... move on, week 7 is just 3 of the same... you got this... believe in yourself because you can do it... in fact, you are! Go you!

Good for you. I too HATED w6r1-2 and felt it was the end of c25k for me! Read more posts and you will feel better. Most people struggled!

My advice is to just go on to w7. And feel good again !! 😁

RubyTigerGraduate in reply to Mayanow

Thank you so much, your comments really help. I thought it was just me! I have read through other comments (have only recently joined the forum) and it is such a support and fund of information. Thank you everyone

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