Repeat Week 1 or Start Week 2?


I completed Week One last week being able to run each of the runs however extremely slowly. The problem is after my second run I had aching calf's, in particular the back of my ankle and some pain on either side of my knee when moving around.

This was still there when I ran on Friday & by the end of the run my calfs felt very bunched up & the back of my left ankle was throbbing. Unfortunately this continued over 2 rest days but has gone today.

My question is do I go out this week & repeat Week One to give my body time to adjust or do I crack on with Week 2?

I am very overweight & haven't done any exercise for around 7 years so the excess weight & lack of use of muscles can't be helping.

It's not really possible to go any slower, my pace for the walk/run is overall slower than if I were to just walk for half an hour. I have also had my gait analysed so did the whole week wearing the right shoes although they did feel a little tight at the end.

Advise appreciated.


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  • Well done for starting, one of the hardest bits. I carried on with week one until I felt ready to move on because I realised my muscles were struggling but I found stretching well as soon as I get home from my cool down walk has really helped. Like you I am way too heavy and haven't ever run outdoors before but I have heeded the support and advice given on this forum to take it easy and listen to your body. There is also an excellent short video on the NHS website on how to run which is helped me quite a lot. Despite the aches and pains I can honestly say it is worth it because I genuinely feel so much better.

  • Lots of warm up...lots of after run massage... exercise on your rest days.. the NHS Strength and Flex, I found very, very, useful...I still use them.. and as slow as you can go is good... !

    Very well done for starting... hang in there and will improve :)

  • Thanks guy's - I can honestly say i'm really enjoying it & looking forward to starting Week 2, I do seem to have the bug.

    That said, I really don't want to get an injury & fall back into my non exercise ways or get really disheartened & give up.

    Maybe another week at Week One but with a longer warm up & cool down and aim for slightly faster?

  • Longer warm up and cool won.. I would forget the speed for now.. that can come later :)

  • The beauty of the programme is that you can move through it at your own pace. The choice is yours, so repeat if you want although, if you've managed the three runs I would be inclined to move forward.

    Slow is good, so don't worry about that. Are you stretching religiously after every run ? - really does help with the muscle stiffness - there are recommended post run stretches in the pinned posts.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, I really would to start Week Two, especially as it's a bit cooler.

    I do stretch after each run but will increase my warm up & cool down by 5 mins each & hold the stretches for longer.

    I purchased a foam roller & had a little go yesterday at doing my calf's but found it quite difficult supporting myself on my arms. I will keep trying as maybe it's also something that gets easier with practice :-) Any tips on foam rolling appreciated.

  • It's tough to get the balance right. Until you get the motion down you can ask someone to use a rolling pin on your calves. :)

  • I would, as a suggestion, repeat week 1 until you feel comfortable. That way you are exercising the muscles gently and getting used to it. The program is set up so you so at your own pace so repeating a week or two is not a problem. Slow and steady wins the race as they say.

    I am overweight myself (120kg ish) but have managed to reach Week 7 on the second go of the exercise. Failed badly on the first try last year but I now realise that me running in 'trainers' not running shoes and concrete paths, were not the best way.

    I have a dodgy right knee due to a RTA 30 years ago but I wear a stretchy knee bandage which has also helped by keeping the joint supported. Running in proper shoes and natural ground (parks or field) is much better.

    I am hoping that at some point the weight will start to drop off, but I can feel the benifits as some clothing is a bit looser

  • I can only tell you what I did when I started back at the end of January, I could nearly run for 1 min instead of the 9 weeks it took me until May to graduate and I repeated lots of runs in the first 5 weeks and often felt I needed to repeat runs after week 5 but resisted the temptation and got on with it. It really doesn't matter how long it takes, you will get there๐Ÿ˜Š Give yourself abit of slack in the early days especially if you've not done much I'm the way of exercise. I promise you it's all worth it when you are able to run for 30 mins without dying!!. Good luck ๐Ÿ€ xxxxx

  • Thank you all, going to repeat Week One this week & go nice & slow ๐Ÿƒ

  • Well that was a rather large failure & in week 1!!

    Managed my 5 min plus a bit extra warm then about 40 secs into my first run I had to stop due to the horrible shooting pain down the back of my ankle. Hobbled the 10 min walk back to the car & had to come home.

  • Oh - really sorry Holly - that happened to me at the end of week 1 last week. I was really gutted but took the advice from the forum and rested and gently got back to running a week later (today). Like you, I am overweight and I haven't run before and I think my problem was down to running badly and way too fast and not stretching afterwards. Rested, read up on techniques and really benefitting from the Strength and Flex last week - made me feel like i was still helping my body even tho' I couldn't run. Fabulous people on here are so experienced and positive and will give proper advice - I'm not qualified for that but just wanted to say that I had a set back really early too and but have got through it :-) Fingers crossed for you

  • Thank you for your reply lightweight Kate. Hope your run today went well.

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