Should I repeat week 1?

Hi everyone. I've just finished run 3 of week 1. I've never run before really so am hoping I can stick to this programme as I want to improve my fitness. I've found reading through the questions and answers really helpful and motivating do thought I'd ask my own! I'm not sure whether I should repeat week 1 or move onto week 2. On run 1 I only did 5 out of 8 run sections, run 2 I did 7.5 and managed all of them on run 3 today. I feel like I should maybe do week 1 again to get through all of them, or would it be better to push myself onto week 2. Sorry for rambling! Jess


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5 Replies

  • There is no right or wrong answer to this. If it were me I'd go for w2 and see how you go (that's what I did when I'd failed to complete certain runs). Especially as you could do it all today. Good luck with whatever you decide :)

  • Hi Jess

    Well done sticking to it and your progress so far.

    I wouldn't repeat the entire week but I would repeat the run once more. I was not exactly fit when I started but have made sure that I completed the runs three times before progressing to the next week. I am glad I did because when you move up a week Laura reassures you that as you have completed the previous this week's runs is only a small step up and you will do it. If I hadn't done the 3 runs I think my head would be telling me that I'm not ready and give me an excuse to stop.

    For you it all depends how you feel, if the run you completed was a easy then move on but if it was a struggle then repeat it. This is not a race, its not compulsory to move on, we have all started at different levels of fitness, but it you move up before you are ready you will find the next run very hard. The key is to go at your own pace and don't worry about what others are doing.

    Lots of people repeat week one runs until they complete it three time so don't think its only you that didn't manage it at the first attempt, you just have to dig deep and keep going.

    Good luck with whatever you decided to do and stick with it, it really does work.


  • I think Id get one more fully completed run under my belt before I can move on. at least then you can tell yourself that you definately can do week 1.

    on a positive side, week 2 is another 30seconds to each run, but you wont have to do it 8 times :)

    good luck ~ like Mirella says, it is not a race. but once that sense of achievement from each run/week grabs you there will be no stopping you ~ it is very addictive :)

  • Hi - well done for getting that far,,,! Yay you're doing really well! My advice (for what it's worth) is to give Week 2 a go - and if you struggle - then go and do another Week 1 run,... you may find that you can push through and move on!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks everyone, might try and squeeze in another week 1 run before starting week 2.

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