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Should I repeat Week 6?

Hi All, I have mixed feelings today! I signed up to do a 5k santa run and was supposed to do my W6R3 as I went along. EPIC fail!!! I ran for 10mins and just could not breathe at all, kept having to stop to walk in places and had a permanent cough for an hour after I finished!! Part of me is so disappointed, I have handled all the challenges up until this point and I have managed all the other runs this week. The other part of me thinks that I'm crazy, I can run for 10mins straight and couldn't do that 6 weeks ago. Overall, I did the 5k in 45mins.

If I couldn't do 25mins straight, should I repeat week 6?

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You have not Failed. so you had a bad day but you done something great for charity you should be proud of yourself. If you are not happy with the result of this run repeat R3 but don't count it as a fail you have done great .

Week 6 Well Done You.

Keep on going you can do it...


I agree go easy on yourself. I bet last year you wouldn't of even had a second thought about putting your name down for a fun run. Look at you this year, you put your name down, went and gave it your best shot. You brave person. Relish in the good you have achieved today. By all means repeat wk 6 if it makes you feel better but never call today a fail.


I'm with caweeks. You really should be proud. You've had a blip today. Someone said to me when I had a blip "if the disappointment is as big as the high when you finish the run I feel for you". Well it is, but I learned that it happens & it can be just one of those things. Just do the one run again to get your confidence back. Hold your head up & remember how marvellous you are.


I did a 5k fun run a couple of months after I graduated and found I had to walk too. My time was 45 minutes with walks. The reason became obvious at that point. My usual time for a 5k where I'd run it all at that point was 48 mins, so if I'd run/walked in 45 then I'd been running much faster. I've found it since too, when I'm with a other runners I go off much quicker, matching their pace and I burn out in 10-15 minutes. On my own I set my pace but with others I try to keep up and inevitably can't maintain the pace and if I start to get disappointed with myself that affects it too. The 'can't do' gremlins start whispering in my ear. Performance is also affected by the cold weather probably why you coughed

I'd say well done, would you have even dreamed of it last year? Did you enjoy it? That's what matters...

Just repeat Run 3 not the whole week, you may find you need to repeat occasionally now the runs are getting longer. It doesn't always go to plan but at least your Off The Couch :-)

Well done!


Absolutely not a fail! My Santa run yesterday was my graduation run - it was the first time I had run with other people around and that (apart from being overtaken by someone who was walking) made me run faster for the first mile that my legs can cope with i.e. a whole minute faster than my usual pace. Running, walking it doesn't matter - the important fact is that you got around the course, raised some money for a fantastic cause.

As mentioned by others, just getting to the starting line is a huge achievement - if you'd asked me in the summer if I would be doing a 5k fun run I'd have laughed in your face!

Good job! Keep at it!


Hi All, thank you so much for your thoughts. You're all right, I would never have done it last year, running or walking. I went back and read my old posts and realised how running 3mins felt like the biggest achievement in the world and now, I can do that no problem but it was only a few weeks ago. I think the comments about trying to keep up with the other runners is very true and unfortunately, does cause burn-out and disappointment. I will try another 5k for charity in the summer but having thought about this, solitary running might just be my preference, so I will see and keep at it either way =D


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