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Should I repeat Week 1 for a third time or just move on???

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of repeating week 1 as I hadn't done all eight 1 minute runs by the end of my first attempt. I have done run 1 and 2 again and have managed all eight 1 minute runs but I am still tired, out of breath and red faced when I you think I should repeat week 1 for a third time so that I can hopefully complete it comfortably or should I move on to week 2???

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Well done. If you completed the run then I would say move on. If you then have trouble with the next one then repeat that one. It is not a race but you can be overcautious. If you weren't tired, out of breath and red faced when you finished, then you probably would have been the first person in the history of C25k not to be that way. The next step up always seems as if it is going to be too much, but most people just find that their body adapts really quickly and they can do more than they ever thought possible. Within a couple of weeks you will be amazed and delighted by what you can do, but don't lose the memory of what you were like after the first run, it is a fascinating reference to your progress.

Good luck.


Hi Alicia,

Just adding to what Iannoda said.. and checking that you understand that you're supposed to do week 1 3 times before moving onto week 2. I always took that to mean "stagger through the run" 3 times - so if I didn't manage to run when Laura said on (say) run 2 I'd repeat run 2 so effectively doing 4 runs in the week. As Iannoda says, I also certainly didn't keep doing a week until I could do it without getting hot and beetroot-faced - and I don't think anyone else here did either! Somehow you never feel that it's time to move up but if you've done the current level 3 times then you have to believe that you're ready!

Hope that helps.


Hi, Yes I have run all 3 runs of week 1 but I felt like I had to repeat them as I had not got through to the end of the podcast successfully.

I started my repeat of week 1 on Friday and managed to complete run 1 and tonight I completed run 2 to the end....


Hi Alicia, it doesn't get easier, Laura just works you harder ;-) I agree with the others, if you complete, move on!


Thanks for your replies. I think I will just take the bull by the horns and move on to week 2 - when I have done week 1 run 3 of course :-)


Don't forget you've already done something pretty amazing - you have persevered! As a fellow newbie, I'm astonished that I can feel my body adapting already. W1R1 was awful - I wanted to weep with misery. But I'm slowly improving & today did W2R2 and felt like I could have done more.

We didn't get fat overnight and we won't get fit overnight, but we will do it! xx


This is all so true - I am still amazed that just following what Laura said and actually trusting the programme worked. Even though in week 1 I was glad to stagger to the end of the 60 sec runs, and firmly believed I would NEVER run for 20 mins. Today it was 56 mins. (Think i was getting to my current limits with that though - felt a bit sick afterwards and legs like jelly. First time that's happened.) I only repeated one run during the plan, that was after I'd gone out to start week 7 and found I only had the podcast for week 6 on my walkman. Doh! Getting more beetroot-faced as I go on (week 11 now) and my goodness it lasts for hours after I get home, but I'm so pleased I've run 7k it seems a small price to pay! You too will get there ;-)


Hi alicia!

Congrats on starting the programme! I actually think W1 was the hardest one for me (I am doing W5R2 today) I think mainly because it is so new mentally and physically - and most people will tell you that running is just as much a mental challenge as a fitness one.

It sounds like you are being sensible about your runs and repeated when you couldn't finish - but now that you are getting through the runs i'm sure you are ready to move up.

Good luck with it and keep posting- its super helpful when you have a moment of doubt!


For a few weeks at the beginning, I could not quite finish the first run of the week. It did not bother me too much if by the end of the week I manage to run to the end of the podcast. I did not repeat and moved on.

There are some weeks that seem a big jump from the previous. Don't worry and trust the plan. You will get to week 9, although I cannot promise that you'll do without the red face.... I like red, don't you?


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