Should I repeat Week 4 or go on

Hi all,

I've just finished week 4 today and while I did all the runs, I did find it quite tough. Just wondering if I should repeat week 4 before moving on to week 5. I had to repeat week 3 as I was out for a week after putting my back out. When I started the programme, I was extremely unfit although not overweight and had never seriously exercised, apart from walking years ago. I'm determined to get to week 9 but don't want to rush it. Advice anybody?

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  • If you managed to do all of week4 then just go straight on to W5. You only need to repeat if you haven't managed to complete a run. :)

  • Nope, start Week5 , if you completed the week4 runs :D which you did :D trust the program it works :D you will be just fine :D

  • Hell no. Full ahead. Damn the torpedoes!

  • Thanks so much for the advice guys. Week 5 here I come!!

  • I'm with everyone else go for week 5 :)

  • Week 5.

    You managed to complete week 4 so onwards and upwards. If a week is too easy, you are much fitter than you think.

    Trust the programme. You are ready for 5 :)

  • Go go go! You can do it x

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