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Headed out into the mist this morning and smashed W5R2. Was feeling sleepy but that soon changed. Did find this run quite hard and my calves felt like they were going to burst into flames 😂 but pushed through and completed it. W5R3 is scaring me but I am determined to complete it!! Any advice for this next run greatly appreciated!! :-)

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Following this for the advice too ha ha. Well done Hattie27 :-) xx

Hattie27Graduate in reply to MDaw35

No problem follow away! Thank you :-)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Hattie27

Check my reply as well as the others... you are going to be fine:)

Yay! Well done Hattie 👍🏻

Hattie27Graduate in reply to lucyray77

Thank you :-D


Great job.

So assuming your walks were brisk, you just did 8 minutes running, 5 minutes heartrate raising walking and then 8 running again. That’s 21 minutes of cardio... next run is only 20. Your body is more than ready... what you have here is merely a scary number... it’s all in the mind... trust the plan... believe in yourself and go slow and steady. You’ll amaze yourself and the end of that run feels fantastic.

Hattie27Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you, the maths side of thing makes it feel manageable when you put it like that! I cannot wait for that after run feeling!

Hidden in reply to UnfitNoMore

Great advice x

Felt just like you but did it yesterday and actually it was easy! Important to force your set to start very slowly and gradually build up, good luck

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Gooner1971

Brilliant thank you for this - weirdly I am looking forward to this now!


No need to fear the runs at all... I remember IannodaTruffe posting a reply about this and he did, list things that we should be afraid of. :)

He also posted a super post about how we eel in our runs and how this can affect us...it is worth reading...


This is a run...just another run that you are ready for... UnfitNoMore has given you the facts and figures.. all you need to do is trust the plan, and believe in yourself. You are doing well,,, just know you will succeed :)

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I have had a read of the link you sent and it was really useful. Thank you for your advice. I am quite looking forward to it and I do need to remember that if I cant complete a run it doesn't mean I have failed; that is a really important factor for me. Thank you again for your advice :-D


Well done that’s great 😀. This will be me next week and I’m already dreading the 20mins so will listen in on any advice please. Good luck x

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Hidden

I will be sure to write a post after I have completed but I am sure we will both be absolutely fine!

My calves felt this one too :-)

Hi Hattie I did wk5rn3 this wk. I was a little apprehensive but did all my preparation (more than most people), felt good. Maby too good and probably went too fast. Half way found it a big strain but managed to slow down and dig in to the end. Did wk6-1 yesterday much easier, keeping the pace to a nice slow jog & pushed a bit the last minute.

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Silverfox1943

My aim is to literally do 19 minutes slowly plodding and assuming Sarah tells me when I have 1 minute left that's when I will push it hard for 60 seconds! Will write a post following completion tomorrow :-)

Only push hard if you feel ok.

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