W5R2 - whoop!

Just finished W5R2 without much stress! I learned a trick: if you go into a run thinking "I'm going to do x minutes of running today" as opposed to "how will I do x minutes of running today", you'll find the run a lot more pleasant. I did this with W5R1, and again today, and I finished both runs with far more ease than the terrible W4 where my brain got in my way. The downside to this is the sense of accomplishment when you're done is a *little* less because you haven't surprised yourself since you went in confident and positive. That still didn't stop me from smiling when Laura said I could slow down after the second run :) Today's run was also excellent. I won't win any awards for speed, but I was comfortable breathing, didn't get a stitch, and no gremlins! The run wasn't easy, but it certainly wasn't difficult either. When Laura said I was halfway through the second run I did wonder for a second how I'd finish it because my legs were getting tired but I didn't think about it and just kept on running.

I'm going to treat my legs to an extra rest day and tackle R3 on Monday without stressing about it. I'm just going to enjoy the weekend.

PS: I hope it's not annoying that I post after every run. Everyone else I know is either already or runner or has zero interest in running, so I don't have anyone who can relate to the highs and lows of the training. Although I have convinced two friends to download the podcasts and give it a go *evil laugh*


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23 Replies

  • Well done, you!

    And absolutely no problem with the posting! We love reading the reports and seeing the next generation of graduates coming up!

  • Thank you! Congratulations on graduation :)

  • I love your posts. Non runners don't understand the highs and lows we go through on this program and certainly don't celebrate the smaller victories with sufficient enthusiasm for my liking. We really do need each other on this forum.

  • I know! People couldn't understand why I was excited about being able to run for 3 minutes. Everyone here gets it.

  • Well done - you're over half way now! :)

  • Thanks! :)

  • You post away!! I post every run and then some... :)

    You are doing amazingly.. chasing the mind gremlins away and tricking them too!

    Great run..and well done for catching someone else to start the journey :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Hi Shivani,

    That sounds like an excellent approach to start your warm up... with a positive attitude. No reason at all not to... you can totally do this. Sounds like your breathing is starting to fall into place which is great too...

    Even when your legs are tired they seem able to just keep going for the last few mins don't they. :)

    You won't bore anybody on here with your running highs and lows we are all just the same and love to know how others are getting on.

    Good luck for Monday, stay positive you will be fine.. ;)

    Have a nice restful weekend. x

  • Thank you! :)

  • Love your posts :) I'm a few runs behind you, it is really encouraging xx

    Well done xx

  • Thanks! How are you getting on?

  • Finished week 4 and am happy with myself. Not sure that in 7 days I'll be ready to run for 20 minutes straight but I'm focussing on run 1 first :)

  • Well done on your run , i used to post after every run so carry on :)

    Great to see how everyone's journey is different and special to them :)

  • Thanks! :)

  • I honestly like to follow your progress, specially because we're pretty much in the same stage (just finished W5R3) so you also help me to keep my motivation! =)

  • Thank you! Glad to hear you're doing well

  • Hiya!

    I post after every run... I think it's important that people see success, and sometimes our struggles, too - it reminds us we're all vulnerable to gremlins and interruptions and poor runs! Anyway, a really massive well done today - week 5 is a big step. Taking an extra days rest before run 3 of this week is a great idea - and we can't wait to read your post after you smash the final run of week 5 :) Good luck!

  • I've been reading your posts...so close to graduation! It must feel wonderful :) Good luck!

  • Well done Shivani05 , I think your way of thinking about the run is awesome and I for one will be adopting that attitude tomorrow.

    Thanks for the change of mindset.

  • Thanks! Let me know how it works out for you :) Good luck!

  • Keep posting

  • You gotta keep posting! I look forward to reading them and it really gives me a boost .. well done :)

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