W5R2 :D

My first full run in the rain. I've been lucky so far and had dry runs, so to speak, since I started. I found it quite relaxing with the rain falling having donned my bright pink kagool. No hiding today with that on!

2 x 8 minute runs following the reverse route I did for R1 this week. Meaning I had to tackle the slight incline again. Slow and steady I went, trying to be good and do as I was told ;) 2 other trotters came from the other direction and a friendly 'Hello' was given by all parties. Are we all mad I thought? Doesn't matter if we are we were all smiling so it cannot be that bad. Towards the end of the first 8 minute run I got to the top of the incline and thankfully it flattened out. There was about 2 minutes left to go and once again I found that my breathing started to recover slightly from the hill as I continued on. First run done 'Yay'.

Nice walk to fully catch my breath and then it was time to head off again at Laura's request. 'Nice hedge', 'Nice car', 'oo look lovely fuchsia bush, bet that looks pretty in the summer' diversionary tactics at play to stop me thinking about what I'm doing. It seemed to work the second run went pretty well, over half way into it and I was thinking that I could just keep going on and on like this. Then into the last minute and lead legs appeared. Keep going, keep going, almost done don't give up now. Finally Laura let me walk once more and it was over. OMG I managed it and to think only 5 weeks ago I just about managed to keep going for 1 minute.

I have a mix of feelings for the third and final run this week. No getting away from it, it's a big one! On one hand I am excited to think that this might actually be possible, and I will truly be walking on air should I get there. On the other hand 20 minutes?! really? I so needed that 5 minute walk in between the runs today. Deep breath, oxygen ready for when I get home Thursday. Let's get it on!

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29 Replies

  • You sound in better condition than me!! Well done, you make it sound almost easy :-D

    Similar feelings about R3 (tomorrow poss or maybe Friday) probably in the rain also looking at the forecast.

  • Oh crickey no definitely wouldn't say it was easy, but in parts much better than I was expecting. Good luck for R3 which ever day you choose. What ever the weather I'll be out on Thursday as I haven't got work so planning to head out as soon as I'm up. Well that's the plan anyway ;)

  • Had a piggy day today as well so need to burn some calories tmrw! My R3 will be Friday - hope all Gods are smiling on me...xx

  • Everyone needs a piggy day now and then :) extra fuel for running ! Good luck for Friday x

  • All logged onto MFP - over 900 calories of kerappppp!!!...xx

  • Back on the good stuff and it will be all be gone in no time ;) x

  • Rain.. it is just wet.. you can do this... go for it :)

  • Well done Mate!! I'll be heading out for R2 tmrw - not sure how I'm feeling really...xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow x You can do it. It's the speed thing, or lack of it that makes the difference I think ;)

  • You're right about the speed thing! If I only take Winston, we can go a lot slower and I fair better...xx

  • I love running in the rain. Makes me feel like a child again! :) :)

  • Puddle jumping ? hehe

  • We are all waterproof...xx

  • Try puddle jumping..blooming great ! :)

  • You'll do great. It's not an easy run (not for me anyway) but it was a huge buzz at the end. If you try it and don't feel you can then redo the first 2 runs, there's no rush, but I'm sure you'll do great if you've achieved everything so far. Take it slow! :)

  • Thank you garyc, will give it my best shot :)

  • You can do it , break it down into little chunks of time in your head if it helps and you can search the Week 5 Run 3 posts and have a read of those for inspiration .

    Well done on your run today and keep going youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Well done first_mate..great stuff..hold that thought and use it on Thursday..

    You can do it..😊😊 really.x

  • You are doing fine.. the diversionary tactics work.. why do you think I ramble so much about my runs? I fill my head with everything going on around me, and bang.. thirty minutes gone in a flash :)

    You have come so, so far and you are going to do this.. slow and steady.. that is the way !

    Onward and upward :)

  • lol love to read your ramblings Oldfloss, helps to paint a picture x

  • Thanks you .. one is on the way!

  • Well done🎉❤️🌶

  • Thank you x

  • Fantastic, well done! Haven't got to W5R3 yet, still trying to get to the end of W5R1. You will clearly get there.

  • Thank you. You will get there too. It's a great feeling when you manage these challenges. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. x

  • I absolutely loved reading this post, wow sounds like your doing a really good job so well done 👍

    I am attempting wk5 run2 tomorrow and feeling ok (ish) it's run 3 that scares the hell out of me and I really needed those breaks between running.

    It would be great if you could keep us posted on run 3, good luck xx

  • Thank you x Good luck for R3. Keep it slow and it will happen x

  • Yes I now have hope that will happen I just completed w5 run2 with no problems, pretty much the same as you so I now have hope x

  • Well done :D It gives you such a boost when you get to the end of the session and hope for the next one too x You'll do it I'm sure x

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