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W2R2 suffering


So today I embarked on w2r2 and I have to say it felt as bad as w1r1...ok yes I did it all and no I wasn’t nearly as out of breath but and it’s a big but the whole run was a real ordeal. My body was wanting to give up the second I stepped out the door, my brain was alternating between forcing my my legs to endure and telling me there was no way I could manage it which was when the muscle memory in my legs kicked in. My knees hurt and I’m feeling sorry for myself. There really is a point this gets easier right? I did have one run I enjoyed, w1r4 (I repeated because I couldn’t manage the whole 8 mins) that was a glorious early morning run which ended with a quadruple rainbow as the sun rose...I really felt great after that one, probably because it was the first time I’d managed to complete.😀

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Great job today... you had a tough time and came through it... it will get easier to run, obviously times go up so it stays challenging. If you can do what you did today you’ll have no problem getting through the plan. Your fitness and recovery time will get better, and that’s already started. Anyway the sense of achievement doing this is much better than if it was easy! Next time you get the doubting voice, just tell it “yes I can” and it’ll go away.

jiggles7Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you for your encouragement 😀 I know you are right, the achievement of finishing something hard is sweeter but inhererent laziness and aborance of discomfort means the fight is real! I was violently ill after my first run and that very nearly scared me off. Fortunately the better half is running with me, he seems to have taken to it easier but I think the inner competitive minion was a factor in today’s completion.😀


Well done Jiggles that's brilliant. Keep it slow and steady, don't get competitive, the goal is to complete each run, it's not a race and it's the time on your legs thats important not the speed or distance. I actually find the first few minutes of any run tough so the early weeks are difficult. I think the lungs and heart and everything else needs to get switched on and it takes a while for that switch to click for us couch potatoes. Keep it up you're doing great!

jiggles7Graduate in reply to steviej99

Hi stevie thanks! No chance of me winning races. I am very focused on being slow and steady. With regards to competing it was more...he’s still going so I need to keep going! He definitely outpaces me but since we do a mini circuit we can still see each other and I think that helps. Next run tomorrow 😀



Check out this post.... lots of helpful advice for you there...

Try to relax and take it very slowly and steadily.... each run does make you stronger.

Try some Strength and Flex too on rest days.. that can be helpful;


Slow and steady is the mantra:)


There are no rules saying you must follow the plan exactly.

I stayed on week 1 for 3 weeks.

Run slow. Barely above your fast walking speed.

Use your arms. Sounds silly when you run on your legs! But it does help.

😸 you're doing great!

Keep it up 😸

jiggles7Graduate in reply to Katnap

Thanks Katnap! I know what you mean about the arms, however I think I actually over used them one run as my shoulder ached for several days after...I swear I could hurt myself in a room made entirely of cotton wool.😂😂

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