W2R2, Shiney New Shoes and an apprentice!

Well today was a good day. After the last run I realised that my trainers are not suitable and so decided to brave the specialist running shop that has opened next to my office. I was really nervous but they were so good and did the whole gait analysis with me even running on the treadmill while they videoed me (not as scary as I first thought). I got some nice new shiney New Balance trainers that were really comfortable and turned out to be reduced in price as well - great start!

Tonight was going to be a challenge I thought as this was to be my first run in the dark and wet weather. I've been wondering how to fit a mid week run in as my husband works evenings but luckily my mum has offered to have the kids.

Because I've been so enthusiastic about the podcast my sister decided that she was going to start it so we set out together (her on w1r1 and me on w2r2). I was being so postitive to my sister encouraging her and telling her how it really works that I think it rubbed off on me and I started to feel good too! Did the first 90 seconds and was amazed that I felt ok! It pushed me but didn't feel like I was going to die and thought I can do this tonight and I did the whole lot again! I noticed the difference tonight in that during the walking intervals I found it easier to maintain a brisk pace and my breathing wasn't so erratic. I'm actually starting to believe in myself and feel like a "proper runner" !! My sister was chuffed as well as she managed the whole of it so 2 very happy bunnies.

I can't believe I only have one more run of w2 and then on to w3. The good thing is this has given me the confidence to carry on and am now looking forward to it. Bring it on!!!!


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  • What a nice story! Next thing you know your sister will be shopping for some shiney new shoes for herself. :)

  • Lovely blog, Londonkel! Sums up all that is good about C25k! :)

  • Excellent!! Well done!! Trust me, the feeling of 'OMG, I can actually do this' continues through the whole programme. You'll have a couple of awful runs when you just feel like giving up, but overall you'll feel better and better every day about yourself and the programme.

    It's great that your sister's involved now as well. You can help motivate each other through. Well done again, and ENJOY!! :-)

  • Well done Londonkel, and what a fantastic uplifting blog. I did Week2 Run1 today and I was a bit unsure of how well I would do but to my own surprise it went well. :-)

  • A really lovely blog! It must be lovely to have your sister as a running buddy - and to know that you inspired her too. :)

  • How are you doing LondonKel? Have you finished week 2 and if so are you onto week3 and how is it going? I'm feeling a little apprehensive about week 3!

  • Hi caz

    Did w3r1 this morning! It was hard but I got through it. Glad it's over and I can enjoy the rest of the day. When are you starting? Ill try and blog later when the kids are asleep.

  • I start week 3 on Monday, and I'm a little bit worried! That is an enormous jump for 90 seconds. Well done on you getting it done though. :-)

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