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Week 7 Run 2 (post meltdown!)


Hi everyone

Firstly I want to thank everyone for your kind words and advice on Wednesday when I posted about my lack of motivation towards running and my general anxiety issues - I read them all and while I didn't reply to everyone individually I appreciate them all, and you are all wonderful people!

So...I didn't run on Wednesday at all, and I set alarms for both Thursday and Friday morning but didn't go out on either of those days. I just wasn't feeling it and thought there was no point in going out unless I was invested in what I was about to do.

This morning I set an alarm, and actually did get up and get ready - go me!

So out I headed (nervously, I will admit) to do run 2 of week 7.

Now, run 1 didn't go great - I finished it - but it was a struggle. I think it was worse because I was running out on the streets and did a couple of small(ish) hills towards the end. With that in mind I headed to the nearby country park where I know there is a super flat road that I have previously run on (the only way I made it through the dreaded W5R3!) and started my warm up walk.

When Laura told me it was time to run I wasn't all that prepared for it but I started my shuffle and guess what? I DID IT!!! I had a brief 10 second break around 5 minutes in when I was accosted by a friendly dog, but I ran an extra 20ish seconds into my cool down walk to make up for it!

I won't say it was easy, but it was easier than run 1 and I'll take that as a win, especially considering how hot it was even though it was pre-8am in Scotland!

I know I'll have to get used to running on an incline but for now I'm happy trying to build up my stamina on fairly flat roads and once I've got a bit more experience under my belt I'll try tackling something a bit steeper!

If feel like I might have my mojo back now, so if I carry on running every 2nd day like I did before my meltdown I should hopefully be coming back here 2 weeks today to tell everyone I've graduated! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

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Yay! That's great to hear 👊 Well done Kirsty!! You're bang on~building stamina and just getting through these runs is what it's all about 😊 No need to worry about pace or inclines or anything - plenty of time for that ! Bear in mind that with the longer runs you may well need more than 1 rest days, I know I did 😊 You can do this 🙌👊💪


Look at you go! Well done :-)

Yay! Well done, Kirsty! I know (from bitter personal experience 😁) how hard it is to make yourself get back out there after a bad run, but you did it! Keeping everything crossed for you.


Well done for getting back to it! You can do it...So close now x

Well done ! I’ve just done w7r2 too after struggling to get out for a week. Be proud of yourself , I’m with you on building up stamina . Here’s to r3 👍

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