Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 2

Today was the first time that the weather has been really bad since I started running. I think that if I hadn't had the structure of the C25K program set out for me it would've been really easy to say 'Oh it's raining, I'll wait and see if it stops (it hasn't... if anything it's worse!)'. But because I have a set schedule to keep to I found myself setting out in the rain and getting a real soaking. I think I need to look at some sort of holder for my ipod as it got wet and kept slipping out of my hand and I accidentally paused it mid run as well. How do you all keep your things with you?

I've started counting cats on my run, trying to beat the number I see each time- although today was clearly a bad day with the rain- just the one very dishevelled looking moggy. I think I was a lot slower today because I was worried about slipping on a drain cover- I didn't notice how many there are until I had to avoid them.

Also a massive thank you to whoever recommended twin line socks, they have made a massive difference!

Sorry bit of a essay tonight! Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday, I'm off to groan at all the contestants on The Apprentice ;)

Kat x

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Well done for getting out there! I bought an arm holder for my iPhone which secures with Velcro. It works for me!


I got a flip belt for round my waist.

I like it as once I've set off my phone its all out of the way. Room for keys etc too


I love the idea of counting cats!


I don't see many cats. Birds though maybe. Or dogs?

I got a cheap stretchy armband from sports direct to put my phone in (though I had it in my pocket today) it's a bit fiddly getting it in and out if you've got a rubbery cover on it, but it does keep it nice and safe. I might get a more substantial one though as I worry I might scratch the phone with my door key that's in there too.

Well done for getting out there. I got drizzled on this morning so not too bad.


Well done Katbee. I know I'm late when I start seeing the dog walkers arriving in the park. If I'm on time I'm normally on my warm down walk on the way home as they start to arrive. :)

I haven't had to use my rain coat - yet. I think tomorrow's run will be the first time. :(


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