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Week 7 Run 2 Done

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Another one in the bag. My legs didn't feel as heavy as the last run, which was a pleasant surprise.

I did my first route variation ever today, which was a real breath of fresh air. I was getting bored of the same old laps of the park, so I went on a little urban route up into the town centre and back.

What I learnt from local urban running:

1: there's a lot more debris (dog doo & broken bottles) in the streets than the park.

2: a lot of pavements here aren't flat but at inclines, which is tricky for keeping your ankles safe.

3: there were absolutely loads of people around at 06:30 At least I'd coordinated my look for them - ol' beetroot face with bright red top.

Despite all that, it was really good fun to see different sights.

Onwards, upwards. :)

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Excellent 90ldfinch well done. You are moving through the runs like a pro. Not sure I'm going to take up urban running ever, amazed at the distraction on a quiet country road! ☺️

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to

I had 2 full bus-loads of commuters, all looking at me.

I'm sure they were all cheering me on, secretly :)

in reply to 90ldfinch

Well impressed! 😉

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Well done Finchy !

Its good to mix your routes up a bit isn't it ? Plus , it works wonders for your agility trying to avoid all the dog shoite ! :-)

Onwards, always xxx

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to poppypug

Haha! Yes to both poppypug :) 💩

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Well done 90ldfinch, you're smashing these runs x

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Different sights make such a difference and the inclines are good for you. Mix it up to keep it interesting. Careful of the dog poo, it's always fresh at this time of day

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Well done! I know what you mean.. I try and avoid running in built up area's, and stick to more rural and parks..have you done Parkrun yet?😊

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to davelinks

I've registered and got my barcode- it looks great davelinks , but I don't know if I'm quite ready for it yet.

I was thinking of going along tomorrow, to just take in the atmosphere :)

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davelinksGraduate in reply to 90ldfinch

Finchy, I did first Parkrun on w6, great experience. Stay at the back, start off doing your c25k run and complete that, then walk/run as you feel able, just try and run over the finishing line for a great looking finish, don't forget to take your barcode..😊

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to davelinks

Hmmm, you're starting to talk me into it, Dave.

I'll have a look in the morning and maybe have a go next week.🏁 :)

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Well done. Not long to go now.

I'm extending my route on my next run too, like you I'm fed up with running the same circuit. Also going to try without Laura, with my own music. Need something I can sing along to for distraction. I hasten to add I won't be singing out loud, the world is not ready for that!

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Pushing60

I think you'll enjoy new routes and your own music Pushing60 .

I'd get locked up for singing in public :)

Shireenjoon profile image

Well done, great to read. Will have to follow your lead and think of a new route for next run.

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Shireenjoon

I made my route up on the hoof Shireenjoon .

I'm one of those people that could spend 4 hours planning a 25 minute run 😱

Well done! I also suffer from unflattering pavements and have been aghast at how many people are around to see my efforts at such an ungodly hour (not that this applied today, mind).They really should stay in bed till I am done!

Brilliant 90ldfinch , you're romping away! 👍👍👍

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Well done, 1 run nearer. Thought about changing my route but not quite ready to leave my comfort zone.

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Monkey25

Ahh, you've developed a taste for the midges, Monkey25 ! :)

Monkey25 profile image
Monkey25Graduate in reply to 90ldfinch

More the wine to wash them down.!!☺

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Go Finchy go - you're making me want to do mine tomorrow rather than Sunday!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Indizulu

Slow & steady Indi!- only if your hip's feeling OK :)

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IndizuluGraduate in reply to 90ldfinch

Thanks Finchy heeded ur advice - slow and steady all the way! Actually marginally better than run 1 and the hip seems ok so fingers crossed . How did u get on at Parkrun?

It is good to have some variety finchy but watch your knees, those pavements are really tough on them. Yukkity yuk all the dog poo. I sometimes wonder if the dog walkers have selected our street as the general doggy latrine, stuff is everywhere. When my daughter was younger, she used to call it dog poo street.

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